I love my 2014 Subaru STI, but the car loves to throw mud, snow, gravel and anything else it can manage to roll over. That results in scratched paint, snow buildup behind the wheels, and on a few occasion low visibility thanks to mud covering my side windows.

Rally Armor offered up a possible solution with a set of their UR series mud flaps for my ride and I set out to see if they stood up to the Rally Armor hype and better yet if they justified their $159 price tag.

The Rally Armor UR flaps are made out of durable urethane which will stay flexible in all temperatures, including my 5 degree garage. That flexibility allows them to flex without curling or cracking over time like vinyl or plastic.

photo 1Installing the Rally Armor flaps is not a quick nor a painless process. It required a small amount of vehicle disassembly, a bit of instruction manual hunting and around 2 hours on the garage floor. When it was all said and done though the process was pretty easy, I would have liked another diagram or two but the instructions were pretty straight forward and the finalized install results in a set of very well secured flaps. Everything worked with the pre-drilled holes in my STI and all I really had to do was find the right clips, slide the mounting brackets in and tighten a few screws. My install was complicated by the fact that my garage was hovering around 5 degrees Fahrenheit rendering the fender clips incredibly stiff. I also had a nice thick layer of mud, gravel and frozen snow covering everything. I’d recommend a warm garage and a clean car.

Rally Armor Mud Flaps Review -- Behind the Wheel -- ZipRage-4

The car with flaps installed looks more aggressive and stays much cleaner when there’s throwable gunk on the road. Going off road, through snow or mud or kicking up gravel results in far less grime behind the wheels, on the side of the car or covering the rear hatch.

Overall, I’m very happy with the Rally Armor UR series mud flaps. They add valuable protection for anyone that takes their car off road and for those of us that fret over chips and dings from kicked up gravel on the road. Rally Armor really does make a fantastic product, my only sticking point being the price tag. No matter how well they fit, how nice the stainless hardware is, or how nicely cut the urethane is $160 seems a bit steep. I suppose when it comes to preventing a respray it’s a kick in the bucket though. If you need the best look no further than Rally Armor, you won’t be disappointed.