I really enjoy watching makers to gain inspiration from their projects, processes and passion so that I can translate that into what I do. I definitely recommended you watch woodworker John Heisz make a gorgeous draw knife out of an old diamond saw blade. As he explains in the video, he doesn’t do a whole lot of the type of woodworking that calls for the use of such a blade, but he thought it would be a fun project regardless and as with any tool build or purchase it might inspire more of its own use.

John starts with an angle grinder to cut the raw shape of his draw knife from the donor blade. He works without a template and simply draws the knife as he remembers them. One thing that really stood out to me in his build was the way he burned the metal tangs of the blade into the ends of the turned wood handles. He first heats the tangs with a blow torch, bends them and then slots them into the openings he cut into the handles, finally he presses the red-hot tangs into the wood. It’s a very easy way to ensure the handles stay on and it looks awesome.

The copper wire wrap around the ferrule is just icing on the cake and so simple too, he just stripped some 14-gauge wire.

You can see the full build article on John’s website.