You need a real fast car and a lot of track to become the ‘fastest production car’ in the world.  More specifically, a Hennessey Venom GT and the runway where NASA landed space shuttles.

Brian Smith on February 14th, piloted the Venom GT to an astonishing 270.49 mph on the 3.2-mile shuttle landing way. Because NASA requires there to be some scientific purpose for runs on their property, Hennessey tested Pennzoil’s new synthetic motor oil, which is made from natural gas. NASA, however, wouldn’t allow them a run in both directions, so Guinness won’t certify the record.

The Venom GT starts life as a Lotus Elise, is kept incredibly ‘light’ at 2,743 pounds and gets 1,244 horsepower from a heavily modified twin-turbocharged GM V8. In total you’re looking at about $1.0-million. So far they’ve only built 11, with 30 planned.