It has 205 hp but it FEELS like 300! If you can find a Mustang, Camaro, or older Vette that’s missing two wheels you might beat it! It has a “huge” 3.0 liter V6! It’s based on a 2002 Stratus! It comes covered in Reynolds wrap! The doors won’t open, but that’s okay because the car sits low and you can jump in! Only 148,000 miles on the odometer! It will fool no one! And it can be yours for the low price of $8770!

Look at that photoshopped scissor door! If that doesn’t sell you watch this video of it and check out the full description!

Via Craigslist:

This is my latest project and is about 80% done, Lighted, Running and Driving!!! Please note that the fiberglass pieces need a lot of work. It was wrapped in Chrome to show it’s potential. But if you want a show car finish, then the wrap needs to easily be peeled off, and then the entire car needs to be skimmed with bondo and/or gelcoat and then sanded smooth. Then the New Silver Mirror Chrome Wrap Roll (which is included!) can be applied or the car can be painted ( It can be wrapped in a few days, I can give the winner links to videos that show how to easily do it, or pay a guy I know about $200 to do it for you).

This car is based on a 2002 Stratus Coupe with a huge 3.0 liter V-6 (more powerful than any stock Fiero V-6!). It has 205 HP that feels more like 300 HP with much of the metal and glass removed! You’ll be competing with Mustangs, Camaros, and some older Corvettes! It has an Automatic Transmission, working Heater and Air Conditioner (needs freon), Tilt Steering Wheel, a Brand New Battery, a nice CD Stereo, and a very nice 2 Tone Interior!!! The engine runs very strong! The nice leather seats do have wear tears but a nice pair of racing seats can be bought on ebay for $220 delivered! The fiberglass pieces have been mounted with screws and the front and rear lights are working. The front clip is removable for access to the engine compartment but hinges for any fiberglass car panels need to be added if you want that. Included are the stock donor car doors, stock rear view mirrors, and any other parts that might be usable.

Since the doors do not open (you have to hop in and out, easily done since the car is so low – the springs were cut, so if you get coilovers, it might get even lower!) I can give the winner some info on where to buy parts to make functional doors if wanted. If you want a quick, cheap and easy way to make the doors work, you could buy $200 Universal Lambo Door Hinges on ebay, and use the included donor car doors like the photoshopped picture shown of the Gold Kit Car (which I previously made, and has since been sold). The door lines would be relocated about a foot back like the Lambo Aventador doors. Or you could simply have them open out like the Lambo Gallardo doors (using the existing donor car hinges and latches).

The gas fill is currently in the stock location and can be filled through the bat wing area using an included extension. Aftermarket Chrome side view mirrors will be included since the kit does not come with the originals (I can provide the source for purchasing fiberglass kits if wanted). The hidden rear seats are folded down and can fold up (they can also be easily removed, or just kept down, if you want to place a fake Lambo engine in the back – I can give you info on where to buy that too, and other pieces like the plexiglass rear/headlight lenses). The donor car windshield and posts were relocated and screwed down, but you might want to spot weld it down after replacing the cracked windshield (uses a $100 stock donor windshield – tell them the donor had a sunroof).

Thank you once again r/cars for keeping me entertained.