The reborn Top Gear is, unsurprisingly, a complete flop. In the world of automotive comedy, or really car shows in their entirety, that doesn’t leave us with much. So the reemergence of Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee couldn’t be timed any better. For those unfamiliar, the Seinfeld-ian-ly simple premise is thus: Jerry Seinfeld shoots the shit with really funny and cool people in some of the world’s most amazing road going machines.

It’s going to be very hard to beat Barack Obama in a ’63 Stingray or Will Ferrell in a ’70 Plymouth Superbird but the new season’s teaser trailer leaves me with hope. Judd Apatow in a ’68 Firebird Ram Air and Jim Gaffigan in a VW Camper Van have me excited to see what Seinfeld’s been up to.