Nick Murray worked for years to achieve his goal and buy a Porsche, it would be fair to say the realization of his dream, like so many, has been far less enjoyable than the anticipation leading up to it.

Nick bought his 991 model Porsche last year. He has since experienced nothing but trouble with the car, Porsche has been very accommodating in attempting to repair all of the faults but despite their efforts it seems this particular car is a lemon. That or Nick himself is cursed or pissed off the Devil at some point. The list of problems is horrifying.

Through arbitration with Porsche heasked for either his full purchase price back or an exact replacement. The company countered with a portion of what the car was worth, based on its mileage. That’s when Nick turned to YouTube for help. The word has spread, with the original video now having over 800,000 views. 

Viral pressure works, Murray posted on the 6 Speed Online forums: “Good news! I have been contacted by PCNA to settle this. This whole mess will end today hopefully. Good that they are doing the right thing. Good for them.”