1. I Put A Lot of Time and Effort Into My Bathroom Remodel

My basement bathroom remodel saw some good progress this weekend. Battle one was removing a decent amount of concrete to move the toilet drain pipe 2 inches. I would have just bought a 10 inch rough in toilet and called it a day in most situations but the layout in the bathroom is not conducive to a any normal toilet, option 1 is knees or ass against the wall, option 2 is knees or ass against the vanity. Option 3 was a corner toilet, but all corner toilets are 12 inch rough in. Hence, I got to chip up concrete and move the 4 inch cast-iron 2 inches. While chipping concrete and spraying my face with powdered rust and 30 years of dried shit I kept reminding myself it would be worth it in the end. Turns out I was right, the corner toilet is going to make going to the bathroom in the remodeled bathroom a much better experience.

The galvanized metal shower is coming along and about ready to be trimmed out. It was a hard, bold call to go with metal for the walls in the shower but I think it’s going to look great in the end. I also finished the metalic epoxy floor which required a good amount of concrete prep in its own right, got the Ikea Godmorgon vanity hung and plumbed and set and plumbed the toilet, both of those are hiding under blankets. Hiding under blankets as my final and favorite project of the weekend was mudding, sanding, then mudding, then sanding again the seriously wonky and seriously beat up — post popcorn ceiling removal — ceiling.

Next weekend I should be able to pain the walls and ceiling, trim everything out and hopefully get the shower hardware installed. That last part is going to require a little bit of creativity as the escutcheons are not going to sit flat against the metal, so waterproofing and aesthetics will be interesting. Any ideas?

2. I Finally Listened to The Life of Pablo


I’ve never been a fan of Kanye West’s voice, not in the figurative sense which we’ll get to in a second, literally it’s nasally and whiney. In fact, his voice is so off-putting to me that his music would be unlistenable if it weren’t for the fact that he is a goddamn wizard with the production. As for the figurative sense, I love that Kanye thinks he’s the best at everything, because the great thing about saying you’re the best at everything is that people begin to believe you sooner or later. You might even convince yourself. On TLOP, Kanye takes some truly disparate sounds, tempos and rhythms and stitches them into something pretty fantastic. Kanye seems to really let you into every little nook and cranny of his strange psyche, and at time they truly make you ask WTF? “Father Stretch My Hands Pt. 1” for example is straight up fucking gospel music and what does Kanye do? He uses the image of getting stained by a model’s bleached asshole. There’s the song where he disses Kim, the one where he says he’s gonna fuck Taylor Swift, and the one where he drops a Lexapro reference while admitting he worries about his wife divorcing him, it’s all here folks.

More than all that, it’s a Kanye album inclusive of which is the realization that every time he puts out a record it feels like a total recalibration for hip-hop. This is the future, deal with it.

3. I Climbed to the Radio Tower on Zwift


Zwift is really impressing the hell out of me. Training is a whole new world and it’s so damn simple. Pair my Stages power meter, heart rate monitor and I’m off for a virtual ride that is interesting enough to both kick my ass and keep me on the bike for more than 20 minutes. Putting miles on a trainer used to be at best a chore, now it is an enjoyable experience and it keeps getting better. With the mountain expansion of Watopia there is now the ability to do a 35 mile virtual ride without visiting the same patch of road twice. This weekend I climbed to the radio tower which meant gaining 2369 feet of altitude, as a Colorado rider I felt right at home. No trainer ride has compared to the effort of grinding up a 10 mile climb in Zwift. This is truly some new age stuff and I love it.

4. I Watched the Season Finale of The Walking Dead


Bullshit, pure fucking bullshit. The Walking Dead gave up 44 minutes of great finale material and then threw it a shit blender and threw it out the window. The gang zips around in their RV clearly being herded to a final meeting point, that much is obvious. It is also pounded into your brain that the Saviors will kill someone in the group to make their point. The episode is one of the best of the entire series. It’s dark, it upsets your to your core, it has the best sound editing I’ve heard in awhile. It’s all there.

Negan is awesome. He lives up to the hype, and when Jeffrey Dean Morgan strides out of the RV, he’s perfectly charmingly evil. He makes you laugh by exclaiming that Rick’s group are entering “Pee Pee Pants City.” He tells Rick that “You killed a lot of my people. More than I’m comfortable with.” He’s pretty great.

Then the episode turned to utter bullshit. When a character’s arrival is teased for the entirety of a 16 episode season, and the show goes out of its way to promote his arrival by proclaiming he would kill a major cast member as part of his debut, I expect some fucking action.

But no, Negan showed up all right, but he failed to kill anyone, or at least they failed to show it. Instead we get a first-person view of whoever the victim is. It’s infuriating. I hate when shows leave the door open this way as it seems less about building suspense for season 7 and more about reading the crowd and making a safe decision about who to kill. Grow some balls and kill a main character, luckily the show with the biggest balls of them all is about ready to take back the screen.