The Library Comes to Life


Since moving into our home it’s been my dream to eventually turn the front room into a reading space, but project after project took priority. Finally, last weekend I made the dream reality and the library is finally complete. For a long time I contemplated either buying or replicating in my workshop the Royal System designed by Poul Cadovius, it’s absolutely beautiful and fits the midcentury look perfectly. But, with a kid on the way and more projects in the house than I want to think about on the list that just wasn’t going to happen. Wood shop time is too tight for building a knock off and it’s definitely not where I was going to spend $10k+ for the real thing. So I went back to the drawing books.

First up, I found the ISS shelving system a pretty nice looking modular system and much more budget friendly, I had priced it out at about $1500 for the shelving system plus actual shelving. Then, I stumbled upon the Ikea Algot system. It’s technically a closet solution, but it fit the bill perfectly. It’s modular, flexible, sturdy and the whole room came in at about $250. Impossible to beat. Elin put up a couple coats of paint and I had the shelving up in about 4 hours. It’s very clean looking and I couldn’t be happier, especially given the price. Now it’s time to fill the shelves…

The Passover Seder

With my family being Catholic and the wife’s Jewish, the Passover Seder along with Easter serves as a holiday season finisher. We got together for a traditional seder, the highlight of which was the delicious apple-walnut charoset. I ate enough for three and got to spend some real quality time with family, chiefly my cute-beyond-word niece who was getting a big kick out of finding roofing nails in the mulch with this super weird magnet sweeper, something I didn’t even know existed. I enjoyed walking around and bringing life back into my legs as I decided to punish myself pre-dinner on Zwift.

Game of Thrones Returns


I had so many questions that I wanted answered in last night’s season premiere. Is Jon dead? When’s he going to be resurrected? Because I’ve decided that’s definitely happening. Did Sansa and Theon break their legs after leaping from the ramparts? Would Brienne finally stop wandering around and actually find Sansa? How’s Cersei doing? Can we just forget about the Sand Snakes? Will Reek get caught and lose more parts? Will someone lose some parts? When’s Arya’s training montage going to take place?

Many of those questions were answered, some more repulsively than others, many were not. Jon wasn’t resurrected, I wasn’t really expecting it yet anyway. It was nice to see him though, even if he was dead, cold and covered in blood. I was also reminded that Davos might just be my favorite character in the show. Sansa and Theon are in good hands, finally. And Jaime Lannister delivered the most Lannister line ever:

“Fuck prophecy! Fuck fate! Fuck everyone who isn’t us!”

Or was that the Donald?

It was a great start to the season and an inspiring look into what we’ll see as we officially enter “HBO has the reigns” territory. The episode was mostly stage-setting, now I’m ready to dig into the real meat. Oh, and Melisandre unsurprisingly got naked again, this time though shit got real. She’s 400 something years old and she’s finally facing a true test of faith.