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What To Use Instead Of Business Cards

What To Use Instead Of Business Cards – Business cards are an essential part of business. Almost everyone in business keeps things with them all the time and takes them out all the time. So people are surprised that I almost never carry a business card with me and wonder if I do it on purpose.

When you give your card to someone, you trust them to stay with you. Even if they’re interested, people forget, get busy, or lose your card. The most important thing is that you manage and stay with them.

What To Use Instead Of Business Cards

When someone asks about your card, they may be interested in your product or service … or they may be showing interest and looking for a good way to change the conversation.

Union Printed Magnetic Business Cards

Even though I don’t have a business card, I like it when people ask if I have a business card because it gives me a good opportunity to use the idea and plan that I’m going to share with you today.

Let’s say you’re in a meeting and you meet someone, we’re talking about a small business, and they say, “That’s great. you have a card

Then you said, “I’m sorry, I don’t have anyone, but if you give me your email address, I’ll send you my contact information.” Of course they would agree to that.

Pick up your phone and click the icon on the screen that will take you to the Infusionsoft website. You said, “Will you give me your name and email address?” This gives you a chance to receive their name again if you forget.

Business Cards Are Dead; Do This Instead — The Bossy Sauce

Of course, they think you’re just writing an email… but they’re surprised when you go to the next part of the document, press a little button on your keyboard, and say a sentence or two. in the custom field. You said, “It’s great to see you on Muffy’s birthday. Tell me what happened with Joe’s school work. “

Then select a checkbox or two from the form, select a radio button, and click the submit button. Now put Infusionsoft to work because here’s what happens next:

They will immediately receive a PERSONAL email from you. The message means “Nice to meet you…” Not “Nice to meet you” because you would use that for someone you have met for a long time. All data is condensed to look like it’s coming from a human, not a machine.

After the usual greeting, the message consists of the greeting you said on the phone, followed by your contact information, then a link to one of your lead magnets. Here’s what it looks like:

Standard Size Business Cards

The beauty of this is that you can choose the exact “best” to send by choosing from a list of options on your own website.

As you can guess, in the campaign you will create a simple website to help you collect contact information when you have a meeting. At the very least you want to write down their name and email and have a radio snippet to choose a magnet to send to them.

The web form leads from the diamond determination to MULTIPLE sequences – one for each of your important magnets. To embed individual messages, you need to create a custom field for the text area. (I use a field called “Temp Text Area 1” for things like this…after I put the text in the email, I use the action to set the back area to the null point again) .

Now here’s the best part… you set things up right and when the prospect clicks on your lead magnet link, you use the icon to add it to your main lead magnet campaign. So Infusionsoft can track them as they come to your site and request it frequently.

Business Card Designs: Seal The Deal With Effective Ideas

In Part 2 of this series, I’ll give you the latest on how to put this simple puzzle together (with some less obvious tricks to make it even better). I will also share a complete list of steps to follow as you create your own Infusionsoft app. Check here. We have completely stopped using business cards in our business because they are a complete waste of money and time. I see business cards just to make you look big and important… I never do business.

Let’s go back to the days when we had a lot of business cards to print and give to people we thought were valuable to our business…lol These people immediately called and said, “Hey, we want to do business with you. ” ! I wonder if you remember the day or that day? Hmmm too hihihi.

Sometimes we use the old paper hehehe… Let’s look at the situation, maybe put it in the luggage in case it gets lost at the airport or the bus station.

We stopped using business cards in various networking events a long time ago. I hope you are the same or you still use them hmmm….

Egba Business Cards

However, in our observation, most people just hand out their business cards to anyone who wants to take them…shame on you if you do.

To our surprise, they think that (business cards) will come out into the world that will help them build their brand… But look here Times have changed and there are millions of ways to connect with your business prospects. Also, then with the business cards that usually end up in someone’s trash… Frankly speaking, many people use these cards as a way to make them seem very important.

Let’s stay away from business card printing hell and do this instead…… Let’s not regret our business.

This method is applicable for smart business or network business and digital business. Also, who wants their prospects to connect with their business, thereby growing their business to the next level?

What Information To Put On A Business Card

The best way to do this is to use your cell phone… Yes, I said cell phone.

Business cards have no place in your current partnership because they are a thing of the past…

So, this is how you can use your mobile phone to replace the pain of printing business cards…

This method works every time someone asks for your business card… Just pick up your phone and say, “I don’t do business cards anymore, so why don’t I take your number? I will also share my contact information with you so that you can save it in your cell phone.

Business Name Vs. Trade Name

Gone are the days when we have to remind someone for 10-20 minutes where you are with thousands of people at an event.

We have 100% ability to get interest from people we meet in network marketing before we contact them. Also, put our blog address in our contact information.

If these people save contact information on their phone, they might visit our blog and finally see what we’ve been up to. They can also see what our business is about. Blogs are important to you, us and the growth of our business. But still, we are not talking about your company website, but your personal blog and website… Think about it.

If you are a business and network marketer and you don’t have a website, then your personal brand is essential to your success. This is because you will lose business or friends if you are not set up to do business properly… More Importantly, a blog or website named for you will allow you to improve your game significantly. If you don’t have a blog or website, call me at +256775427530 OR +256701085038 Or visit www.interletug.com for more information.

Unique Business Cards That Will Make You Stand Out

In conclusion, business cards have no place in your current communications or digital marketing. They are also artifacts of a bygone era that was less dependent on technology.

I am Dhikusooka Brian a web application developer and SEO expert at Interlet Limited. I am a writer for Cyclone Times Uganda and I like to do a lot of research. Call me at +256701085038 OR +256775427530 Are business cards dead? I will tell you this; in 1 year since I met Ramit there is a topic that I dare not bring to him for fear of his old anger at the level of testimony. What is the purpose you ask?

It’s no secret that Ramit RULES business cards. However, I understand why people like to give them a lot of time and attention.

In this post, I’ll discuss some of the business card myths and what you can do to be more productive.

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