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Jobs That Make 15 An Hour Near Me

Jobs That Make 15 An Hour Near Me – 12 Highest Paying Night Shift Jobs in Singapore If you find yourself preferring to work when everyone else is sleeping, check out these night shift jobs that pay well and require minimal experience!

Working at night certainly has its benefits, some of which are higher pay, fewer distractions, and less competition. Read on to find out which are the highest paying night shift jobs in Singapore you can consider!

Jobs That Make 15 An Hour Near Me

Working as a night shift assistant in a warehouse is very easy, no frills. It can be physically demanding, but the exact nature of the job will likely depend on the type of warehouse you work in.

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The role of clinical assistant is typically in demand throughout the year. While most clinics operate during regular business hours, some clinics operate after hours so the night shift is more visible. Take a look around to find the right role for you!

Required work experience/certificate: No formal qualification above level O is usually required. It is very good if you know the Microsoft package, understand the computer and communicate comfortably with strangers.

If you have obtained the necessary qualifications to become a security guard in the National Service or elsewhere, becoming a security guard can be a good night job.

If you have the heart and mind to care for others, becoming a professional caregiver can be an important way to help others while earning a competitive salary. Many families care for their loved ones around the clock, so there will be families who need babysitters to look after their loved ones while they sleep. Flexibility is good for this role as you can work on assignments when you are free, day or night.

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Helping the person you care about with daily activities, some of which may include:

During the night shift, your main duties will be to ensure that the person you are caring for takes their medication, helps them go to the toilet, and monitor their vitals throughout the night.

Experience/Certificate Required: No experience required. The Care Advisory Group will tell you if you need care training.

It’s pretty obvious that the role of a night shift packer usually requires you to help pack and sort during the night, for example to fill orders.

Not Some Kind Of Pervert

Experience/Certification Required: Formal education is generally not required. Forklift or warehouse experience is a plus.

Night shift work is a course for everyone who works at the airport. The airport coordinator helps ensure the smooth operation of the airport, whether he works at the airport itself or in various departments of the airport.

Many companies require a 24/7 customer service representative, especially in certain industries such as hospitality or online services.

Whether it’s a hotline or a customer service call center, availability is always a must, especially in case of urgent needs.

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Night shift drivers may be required for regular long haul operations, especially as the roads are less congested at night.

Now that the epidemic is under control and nightclubs are gradually reopening, many nightclubs have posted bartender vacancies.

Night shift maintenance jobs are always in demand across all industries, so if you are looking for a more technical job, it might be a good idea to become a night shift maintenance technician.

Experience/Certification Required: Certification is absolutely essential depending on the industry you are looking for. Be sure to check if you need any special skills or certifications, such as electrical or soldering skills.

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Liam studies history and drinks too much coffee for his own good. He loves to share his curiosity about the world and his eccentric quirks. In his spare time, he daydreams, writes, or dreams of writing.

Make personalized home care for your loved ones. Find out why thousands of Singaporeans trust us with the best service. 15 Best Jobs for Part-Time Students in Singapore [2022] It’s always good to have a little extra money, especially if you’re studying in Singapore. Find out about the highest paying and flexible part-time jobs in Singapore for students like you!

Who doesn’t want some extra money in their hand? If you are a student looking to save money or just want a little more money to enjoy life a little more, here are some of the best and highest paying student jobs in Singapore.

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Whether brand ambassador, retail ambassador, service ambassador, or event ambassador, these roles are usually interesting and have flexible schedules to suit your students’ needs. Ambassadors are usually responsible for promoting a brand or product in a store or pop-up event. The nature of the job allows you to interact with more people and hone your social interaction skills.

Working part-time at an ice cream parlor or bubble tea shop is a fun way to learn new skills while still being productive during the holidays. F&B is one of the most student-friendly part-time jobs in Singapore and these positions are usually available throughout the year.

If you enjoy free work and the ability to communicate freely with customers, a position as a sales assistant may be right for you.

The data entry job is easy and requires little or no training, especially for tech-savvy Gen Z kids. Depending on the nature of the data being processed, they may also offer work from home jobs.

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Packaging is a great and easy job that allows you to relax in the hustle and bustle. It is also a popular option among students because they can often work alongside their friends.

If you are looking for an important job that is flexible and well paid, a professional babysitter is the perfect job for you. Being a guardian does not mean having the right formal qualifications. It is important to help others with the daily tasks of life and self-care with a sincere heart and a dedicated attitude.

With flexible working hours and low commitment requirements, you can work around the school schedule while staying close to campus. In addition to generating a competitive income, you will make a noticeable impact on the lives of others.

Experience Required: No formal education required. Just bring the right attitude and mindset to help others!

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Tutoring young children is a great way to keep your mind fresh while being yourself, especially for students.

Administrative assistant positions are great for getting to know the office environment and don’t require any specific prior skills, making them ideal for students who might consider it a part-time job.

Transcription tasks simply require you to listen and write down what you hear. Easy enough for everyone!

Do you know a third language? Or maybe your bilingualism is better than average? Then a part-time translator job might be a good option for you.

Top 15 Student Part Time Jobs In Singapore [2022]

Waitressing is a popular part-time job for students because it requires little experience and gives you the opportunity to work with friends.

Working as a paramedic in your area can also be a great experience to learn basic administrative skills as a student.

Expected Experience: Computer literate, fluent in English and Chinese. Experience is not required, we provide on-the-job training.

Telemarketing can be a great part-time job for students because it can be done remotely and usually doesn’t require much experience or formal qualifications.

Jobs That Don’t Require Any Customer Interaction

The growth of the food delivery sector also means that the demand for food delivery drivers and passengers has grown exponentially. Becoming a delivery partner for companies like Grab, Foodpanda or Deliveroo can be as easy as learning how to drive a car or ride a bike, and it’s perfect for students looking to earn some extra money. If you wish to purchase related equipment from these companies, some registration fees may apply, but these must be paid off over time.

Flyer distribution can be intimidating, but it’s a relatively easy and hassle-free job that brings in a decent extra income.

If you are looking for a job with flexible hours, competitive hourly pay, and a fast 1-2 day approval rate, then Care Pro is a good choice for you as a student.

Learn more about our care or nursing careers and apply for Care Pro today!

Part Time Jobs In The Usa For International Students

Liam studies history and drinks too much coffee for his own good. He loves to share his curiosity about the world and his eccentric quirks. In his spare time, he daydreams, writes, or dreams of writing.

Make personalized home care for your loved ones. Find out why thousands of Singaporeans trust us with the best service. When you buy one of the links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission.

The Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) costs federal and state taxpayers more than $107 billion a year in states that do not have a $15 minimum wage law. These funds are used to support programs for low-paid workers and their families.

Raising the minimum wage for paid jobs

Jobs That Pay $15 An Hour Or More (hiring Now!)

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