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How To Start A Small Business In Ky

How To Start A Small Business In Ky – Guidelines for Employees Tested Positively for COVID-19: Paducah Highway provides guidance on what employers should do if an employee has been tested positive for COVID-19. This leaflet includes local test locations, hours of operation, and telephone numbers for appointments. For more information, click here.

Black Business: The Paducah Chamber is requested to be a resource compiled by other black business organizations. If you are a black business and would like us to advertise your business name, click here.

How To Start A Small Business In Ky

Paducah Congress Contributes to Small Business Grants: The Board of the Paducah Chamber of Commerce recently approved a $ 5,000 contribution to the city’s Small Business Grants Fund. “Small businesses make up more than 80% of our total membership,” Chad said. Beyer, chairman of the House of Commons. “The Chamber is committed to serving businesses in this community and this is a way for us to show our support. We are proud to be part of this effort and to work with other members of the community to provide this financial assistance.

Sba Extends First Payment Due Date Of Disaster Loans To One Year For Ky Businesses And Residents

The Chamber usually celebrates May as a small business month with breakfast for the May Partnership and seminars and other special events, Beyer said. Due to COVID-19, the Chamber will not hold face-to-face meetings or events. In May. “We are proud to be part of this effort to promote our small businesses and continue to recognize them through their contributions,” he added.

The Small Business Assistance Fund is a partnership between Paducah, Western Kentucky Technical and Community College and the Community Foundation of Western Kentucky. To donate to the Small Business Grants Fund, visit the Community Fund website at cfwestky.org, call 270. -442-8622 or email the Community Fund at P.O. Box 7, Paducah, KY 42001.

“Thank you for supporting local businesses like ours. We can do it together. We appreciate you! ”

We would like to thank the following companies for contributing our photos: (left to right, top to bottom) Greater KY & Southern IN Alzheimer’s Association, Jackson House / WB. Sanders, Rose Garden Florist, Carson Center, Withers Broadcasting, The Lakes of Paducah, Pet Food Center, Rudys Farm Center, Atlas Physical Therapy, Telephone Answering Service, Arnold Realty Group, VUE Magazine, Sullivan University, Superior Care Home, BikeWorld , Right window cleaning, FNB Bank, Michelson Jewelers, Pepsi MidAmerica and evening and catering.

Ky Career Center

Matching Advertising Plugins: Local newspapers have set up a $ 250,000 grant fund to help local businesses fully recover by supporting their markets through matching grants. Applications must be submitted to topaducahsun.com.

Information for potential telecommunications in Paducah: A new website designed to connect residents to telecommunications through Flexjobs has launched. www.paducahremoteworkers.com provides information on resume writing, telecommunications opportunities and telecommunications skills for those interested in telecommunications opportunities. The Paducah / McCracken County Library offers free monthly membership support to the first 75 interested people who sign up. Become a member by completing the contact form and selecting “I want free access” from the drop-down menu. The site is a partnership between the City of Paducah, the Western Kentucky Community and the Technical College, the West Kentucky Labor Council, the Paducah Regional Chamber of Commerce, the Paducah / McCracken County NAACP and the McCracken County Library.

McCracken County Small Business Library: The library continues to serve our local business and community today. You can continue to access Lynda.com Business Research Database and Training Forum. It is a leading online learning platform that helps anyone learn business, software, technology and creative skills to achieve personal and professional goals. Business owners and employees have access to a collection of the highest quality video courses taught by accredited industry experts. Its own subscription costs about $ 30 a month, but you can access it for free with a McCracken County Public Library Card. These resources are available 24/7 from home for small businesses. If you need a library card, submit a request at mclib.net/join and the library will email you this card within two business days. The Digital Library Card is free for Kentucky and Massac County, IL residents. You can send a referral to [email protected] or leave a voicemail at 270-442-2510 and someone will get back to you. All library databases are listed on this page by clicking here.

New resources for small businesses in the city: Small businesses in the city that meet the criteria can apply for a $ 2,000 grant from Paducah for economic assistance during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Ultimate Guide To Where To Shop On Small Business Saturday: Lexington, Kentucky Edition

This app is available by clicking here. Applications will be accepted until 4:30 p.m. April 10. The city has allocated $ 150,000 to the Small Business Grants Fund. Up to 75 eligible businesses can apply for the first round of funding, which must be used only for rent, mortgage, rent and utilities. Criteria include that the company must be a non-essential business that was forced to close due to a presidential order; In the city on a brick location; Opened and operated before January 1st. With 25 or fewer employees; It is not a franchise or franchise.

Paducah is supporting up to $ 100,000 in the second round of grants to help small businesses. Click here to find out more about other city-sponsored programs and incentives for small businesses. Donations are being accepted through the Western Kentucky Community Fund to help fund the second round of grants. Donations can be sent to P.O. Box 7, Paducah, KY 42001 or call 270-442-8622. The website is www.cfwestky.org.

United Way Community Resource Guide: Click here for a quick introduction to the United Way of Paducah-McCracken County.

Open Trademarks – Remember that the state requires all businesses to be open to the public, which is still open to put up a trademark at all entrances. You can access these signs here. LEXINGTON, Ky. (FOX 56) – According to gaebler.com, there are currently 317,115 small businesses operating in Kentucky.

Mayor’s Merry Mingling Scheduled For Small Business Saturday, November 27, 2021

Verizon’s annual report shows the best cities across the United States and in each state. The results are determined by the following six criteria: education level of local labor, urban travel time, per capita income, access to internet, access to small business loans, and compliance with common taxes.

Bowling Green is the best city in Kentucky to start a small business, according to a Verizon report.

Kentucky says the state is a haven for small businesses because it has “many strengths that make it the best place to do business in the United States, from low energy prices to unparalleled transportation benefits.” Compatible “.

1. Kentucky is at the center of everything: geographically, this state is within a day’s drive of two-thirds of the American population. This location provides benefits for distribution.

Registration Open For November 10th Veteran 2 Entrepreneur Event At Patton Museum

3. Efficient Connectivity: Kentucky has access to 20 states and major highways, a rail network, ferries on the Ohio and Mississippi River, and five commercial airports.

Thanks to flexible financial assistance and progressive tax credit programs.

5. Electricity rates: Kentucky has the lowest utilization rate of any state east of the Mississippi River and is below 20% of the national average.

7. Entrepreneurship-Focused Education Approaches: Kentucky State Schools and Universities make it a priority to provide real-world workforce training as part of their curriculum.

Advantages Of Unified Communications For Small Businesses

8. Strong support for innovation and entrepreneurship: KY’s Kentucky Innovation Program provides startup assistance in achieving business ideas.

9. High quality of life: The cost of living is 10% lower than the national average, while house prices are 30% below average.

10. Entrepreneurship Accessibility: Initiatives such as Team Kentucky and KY Innovation encourage face-to-face conversations to help small businesses increase their potential and achieve short-term and long-term goals. Small Business Saturday was first held in the United States on November 27th. , 2010. As you know, the Friday after Thanksgiving is Black Friday and the Monday after that is Cyber ​​Monday. Major retail and online stores will take place in two days. Saturday, however, small businesses encourage consumers to shop at local brick-and-mortar stores and small businesses.

American Express really set up the first event and publicized the initiative through social media and advertising. You can use the hashtags #smallbusinessturday and #smallbizsaturday on social media like twitter and instagram.

Report: Bowling Green Ranks As Number One City In Kentucky For Small Business

I thought I would list some of my favorite businesses in Lexington, Kentucky to encourage everyone to shop locally! It is impossible to list all my favorites, but I have shared some that I think you will all enjoy!

“When you shop small, you support small businesses that strengthen and diversify our community.” -Elizabeth Rutledge, Small Business Marketing Manager, American Express Saturday: Lexington, Kentucky Edition Food & Restaurants – Lexington, Kentucky:

1. Carson’s: Stylish speakers with TV and outdoor seating serving the bar.

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