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Part Time Side Jobs Near Me

Part Time Side Jobs Near Me – The way we work is changing. Gone are the days of having a single 9 to 5 job for most people. After spending the last year between laptops and bubble tea and Chloe Ting workouts, constantly calling to stress at home, many of us are realizing that we don’t want to be doing corporate work anywhere else.

Hoping to build something, some people are dipping their toes into the gig economy to monetize their passions and earn a side income.

Part Time Side Jobs Near Me

And thanks to technology, you don’t even need to leave the house (or your pajamas) to get started.

Business Manager, West Side School District #202, Dayton, Id

From in-home caregivers to others trying to avoid contracting the virus, even those stuck at home are finding ways to do chores.

Side businesses are ways to make money outside of your regular job. Earning a secondary income in Singapore gives you the freedom to follow your passions, buy the things you want and reduce the financial stress of living in one of the world’s most expensive cities. Let’s face it, most 9-to-5 jobs can’t afford to pay the bills, especially if you’re just starting out in your career.

With more and more ways to make money online, you can earn a second income from your home. We show you how to get started with some of the most popular side jobs in Singapore.

What you will do: Listen to the audio or video files and notice what it says. As a transcript, you can transcribe everything from speeches to interviews and even group discussions.

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Demand for copywriters is increasing as more companies outsource the work to freelancers to save money. Transcription services are also in demand by people who manage podcasts. Usually, people who want the service will send you an audio file. Your job, in turn, is to transcribe the audio file and submit the written work either verbally or as a blog post.

Required skills: Being a fast and accurate typist with a good memory will save you a lot of time typing, but you can start as long as you know the language. You can also search for writing services in specific areas that interest you or have expertise. As you gain experience, you can move on to more technical roles, such as legal, medical or financial transcription.

If you don’t write quickly, this work can be boring. The average person can transcribe an hour’s worth of audio in four hours. You can practice your typing skills on websites like

Time and Capital Required: Apart from a laptop, headphones are probably the most important piece of equipment. Some client transcriptions will be clear, some will not, so having a good pair of headphones for background noise, voices, or muffled speech can go a long way in producing accurate transcriptions.

Top Online Jobs And Side Hustles For Teens

How much you can earn: The money you earn depends on your skills and the urgency of the delivery. Presenters are billed per hour of audio, not the number of hours they work on the project. So with jobs like this, it’s all about speed and accuracy. The starting rate is approximately $0.30 per minute of volume. It’s not much, but if you’re more experienced, you can get audio for as little as $4 per minute.

How to get the job: There are many freelance transcription platforms you can sign up for online, but many of them are limited to North America. For Singaporean applicants, the most popular ones are Transcript Me, GoTranscript and Upwork.

Tip: Knowing your customer’s needs will save you a lot of time. Ask your client in advance how they want their copy to be designed. Here are some details to discuss with the client before the project begins: format, text style, margins, timecode requirements, and file titles and names.

What you do: Helping businesses thrive by supporting your customers through a range of activities. You will work on tasks such as social media management, event management or digital marketing. But be prepared to do repetitive and routine tasks like office work, sending emails, budgeting, and scheduling meetings. Small businesses outsource these tedious tasks to virtual assistants to save time and energy.

Part Time Vs. Full Time: Everything You Need To Know

Desired Skills: You need to be organized, good at multi-tasking and quick on your toes. Experience in administrative work, research and financial management is positive. The scope is tailored to the client’s needs, so you often learn on the job. However, as a rule, companies hire virtual assistants to increase their productivity and de-clutter their routine tasks.

Time and Capital Required: While virtual assistants are usually offered regular hours, the schedule varies by client. This means that there will be different opportunities depending on the time you give. You usually don’t need anything other than your laptop and internet service.

Tip: Time management is an important life skill for virtual assistants. Being organized is key to managing your work-life balance, especially if you have many clients. Use a time-limiting method to work on specific tasks without distractions.

What you do: If you have a knack for teaching, teaching can make you a significant side income. You can teach online via live stream or have students come to your home (subject to visitor restrictions). You need to prepare visual aids, worksheets, and other tools to help students better assimilate the material.

Is A Part Time Job Right For You?

Required Skills: Academic qualifications in relevant subjects, ability to engage students and lots of patience. For subjects that can be explored locally, you need to familiarize yourself with the syllabus. Alternatively, you can also teach English or another language to regular students.

Time and Capital Required: If you teach graduate courses in your area, you will need to commit to at least the end of the academic year. Learning an ordinary language is a little more flexible. If the classes are online, you will need a laptop with a good video recorder and microphone.

How much you can earn: From $18 an hour depending on experience and level. If you have a local degree or NE background, you can pay more for primary and secondary subjects such as maths, science and English.

How to get the job: There are many online learning platforms like Tumblr. There are also online language schools like DaDaABC and Whales English and platforms like Preply and Verling.

Not Sure How To Make Money On The Side? Here Are 44 Ideas

Tip: Just because you are good at a subject or language doesn’t mean you can learn it well. You need to be able to adapt and adjust your level of teaching to the needs of each student. Above all, be patient and willing to learn!

What you will do: As the job title suggests, you will test the functionality of the website or application. As businesses become more digitally savvy and customer-centric, user experience is becoming an integral part of businesses.

Required Skills: You need to be able to navigate websites properly. When you provide real-time feedback, you perform certain actions on websites and browse certain activities (eg, buy a t-shirt). You use the app like a normal person, speaking out loud as you browse. Your contribution will be used to make the platform more user-friendly and less annoying.

Typically, you’ll be matched with businesses that meet your demographics and shopping habits. For example, if you’re testing a shopping site, you might be asked how often you shop and which sites you shop at before assigning a website or app.

Ottawa Part Time Jobs That Pay Up To $40 An Hour

Time and Capital Required: The schedule is flexible, but you need to be ready and constantly looking for new jobs. To record your comments, you’ll need a computer, a microphone, a quiet environment, and screen recording software provided by the platform.

How much you can earn: Sites like pay $13.96 for each completed test that takes 15-20 minutes.

What you do: If you have a good voice, this is your chance to use it. You can make audio streams for announcements, audio guides, etc. Voiceover refers to when a voice is pre-recorded and used (usually in the background) for a media production. Voice talents often read aloud from a script.

Skills Required: Although not a professional qualification, the voice talent should have a smooth and attractive voice. You need clear and pure speech, as well as good control of tones and emotions. Above all, you need to be fit. Voice artists have to create multiple versions of a script for directors to choose from, so it’s important to be able to change voices to show different ones.

Top Paying Side Jobs

Time and capital required: Voice artists work flexible hours depending on their agreements with clients. You need to invest in audio equipment such as USB headphones.

How much you can earn: Depending on your experience and skills, you can earn around $20-40 an hour on audio projects.

Job tip: Create short audio samples to be sure

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