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How To Make Metal Business Cards

How To Make Metal Business Cards – To start 3D printing or laser cutting, you need to create an account here. Once completed, you will be able to upload your file and receive a quote directly from you

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How To Make Metal Business Cards

Today we want to share with you an interesting way to use the various laser cutting materials we offer to make effective, memorable and creative business cards.

Pieces Metal Business Cards Anodized 0.8 Mm Thick Aluminum Blanks Name Card 3.4 X 2.1 Inch Printable Metal Business Card For Custom Pattern

In order to promote your business, you know very well that it is a daily challenge to leave a lasting memory among the interlocutors. Business cards are a marketing tool that should never be forgotten. Here are some tips to get a quick and accurate business card design that fits your market and gives you the image you want to give yourself.

Get inspired by the following business cards designed to explore all the possibilities of offering laser cutting services. We defined three different combinations using alternating laser cutting or engraving and different cardboard.

Designing a laser cut file of your logo is a unique and professional way to update your business cards. You can choose to raster etch like we did below, which makes for a very nice and fun logo.

You can design a new pattern, use your company logo or choose a pattern online. If you choose to cut it as you did, your card can have a profound effect. When laser cut you can color the card without text on the side. It gives your business card a binary and colorful look.

Unique Business Cards That Will Make You Stand Out

The last tip we’ll do is create your card. Thanks to laser cutting technology, you have new possibilities that you can take advantage of.

A fixed price is charged for each file uploaded. If you want to cut 100 cards, you don’t need to upload one and order 100 times. The fixed price is multiplied. In Adobe Illustrator, you can do this easily. You can quickly create a proportional grid using Alt and then Ctrl + D (or cmd + D). Be careful not to leave 2 (or more) lines on top of each other, the laser will read twice and the material will burn. You can find detailed information in the design guidelines at the bottom of our materials page.

You should also refer to the material page to consider the maximum size that the laser cutting machine can accept. You need to optimize the fixed price and put as many cards as possible in a single file at the maximum size.

Vector engraving is similar to laser cutting in that it doesn’t cut the material, it just leaves a mark.

Construction Business Cards Ideas & Examples (2022)

If you choose raster engraving, the laser must cover the entire surface in color. It takes a lot of time and is therefore more expensive than vector engraving.

Therefore, we advise you to be careful when choosing vector or raster engraving on our platform. If you need to laser cut a lot of cards, it can be expensive.

In the end, for this fraction of the price, I’d say that laser cutting will definitely complete the image, as long as you don’t order a colleague to give you one of these laser cut cards. Or it will cost you too much. Always for VIP connection.

We have tested 3 packs of funny business cards for you. Here are some tips you can follow to create your own business cards.

Black Metal Cards

We chose to make cards out of cardboard as a convenient, inexpensive and environmentally friendly way to communicate your brand. You can also use wood (MDF or plywood) – remember that it is thicker and more expensive, but in special cases it can make an unforgettable impression. If you have enough imagination, you can use acrylic.

It adds a real touch to your business card. Depending on your company, it can give an image of craftsmanship or it can be showy and attention-grabbing.

It is a great support for drawing and can allow you to be creative. We are still in beta and don’t offer images yet. Also, make sure the print is large enough to read.

It has a great professional effect. You can use either rough or smooth sides. Raster engraving works well with this.

Boost Your Business Card With Metal

Remember a very important design tip. Your letters must be vector, otherwise laser cutting machines will not read them and they will be sorted by standard printing. In Adobe Illustrator, all you have to do is right-click on the character you want to vectorize and select Create Outlines. So, you can use company printing comfortably.

*We will not disclose your email address to third parties and will not send you unsolicited email. This is the main reason why we have collected some of the best ways to distribute business cards in this article.

Using the right way to distribute your cards can help you target potential customers and maximize your conversion rate while spending the least amount of money on marketing. So let’s see how you can best distribute metal business cards.

The best way to get the word out about metal business cards is to use them for meetings. You can use it to record meeting times and contact information for clients and potential business partners. So a simple business card becomes an important piece of metal or paper for customers to care about and remember.

Brushed Stainless Steel Bottle Opener Cards

So, use business cards for meetings if you want to increase your value in the eyes of potential customers.

If you’re handing out a shopping bag full of your products to a customer, include a business card in the bag. This way, you can keep reminding your customers about your business and they are more likely to come back to buy from you.

You can even start handing out business cards to your loyal customers. So that customer distributes your business card as a referral and you get more sales. The conversion rate is very high with this type of marketing. Business cards are an indispensable part of branding for every business. Since everyone has it, it is right to try to go one step further and have a business card that is more interesting, original and memorable than others. Metal business cards are becoming more popular today for these reasons. In addition, they study the trend of greening business and its positive impact on the environment. Having said that,  I have collected some really cool and beautiful metal business card ideas to inspire you. So let’s take a look at what we’re digging up from the depths of the internet today.

A fun and inspiring solution to creating a business card design is laser cutting. This card is not just a piece of metal. Designers provide a tailored and unique approach to capturing clean, contemporary and timeless styles. When designing business cards, think about your company’s values, mission and vision, and evaluate whether investing in metal business cards is worth it.

Top 10 Benefits Of Metal Business Cards

Engraved business cards are another option you should consider when thinking about getting your customers’ attention. People are usually attracted to engraved metal business cards because they speak about the professionalism and creativity of the company. However, given the concept of the card, you may want to have some details of your agency, such as name and address only. In other words, always remember that a metal business card is elegant in its design and does not require much information.

A golden looking business card speaks for itself. They represent elegance and modern business style. Customers are attracted to these business cards because they find luxury and elegance because the style looks golden.

Another interesting example of a great business card idea is adding a bronze effect. It speaks volumes about your brand. Reflecting your brand identity, your business card speaks for itself.

Depending on your business, you can create personalized and unique metal business cards. As an attractive alternative to paper business cards, metal cards are a great way to let people know your company is eco-friendly. As far as durability is concerned, metal cards are considered a good substitute due to their timeliness.

Heavy Metal Business Cards For Businesses By Graphic Studio

General knowledge about the importance of business cards for brand recognition. They bring class to your business. Metal business cards

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