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What Is Embossed Gloss Business Cards

What Is Embossed Gloss Business Cards – Your company is unique. Aren’t your marketing materials the same? Boom cards (also known as spot UV or 3D printed business cards) create a different look and feel than the norm. We give your text, logos and images a 3D gloss, and the raised print has a glossy finish that people love to touch with their fingers. It’s a great way to make your card – and your business – stand out to customers.

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What Is Embossed Gloss Business Cards

This website uses cookies to improve your experience while browsing the website. Among these, cookies classified as necessary are stored in your browser, as they are necessary for the operation of the basic functions of the website. We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website. These cookies are stored in your browser only with your consent. You also have the option to disable these cookies. However, opting out of some of these cookies may affect your browsing experience. For over a decade, Jukebox has produced the most amazing and unique business cards. For our clients, adding embossed elements to their business cards conveys a sense of sophistication, indulgence and elegance that no other technique can replicate. High impact embossing always adds a sense of class to any design.

The Ultimate Guide To The Best Luxury Business Card Printing

Embedding a business card makes its composition stand out by raising some area on one side of the card. Most of our customers don’t know that the reverse effect happens on the back of the card – it’s called embossing. One of the unique features of this printing method is that you cannot have an embossed effect without an embossed effect – and vice versa. So when customers come to receive the printed card, some people worry that the printing on the back of the card will spoil the image.

Although it’s a personal preference, we like the natural impression on the back of the embossed business card. The intricate, textured detail created by die-cutting both sides of the Cards look and feel artistic. When Ruka Rei created business cards with logos for luxury jewelry, Ruka Rei chose to keep the indentation exposed to nature. A soft 20 pt cotton skirt with blind embossing and gold foil reflects her deep appreciation for the world of beauty and wilderness of Alaska’s great frontier while still being practical. It also reflects the fresh, modern and durable approach of Ruka.Co Jewelery – its jewelery business.

Out of texture and feel, the embossing on the back of the business is just as beautiful as the embossed side.

By using thin layers, embossing and embossing will have more impact and show even the smallest details.

Luxury Core Fusions

Covering the back of a business card with an image will cost more than leaving it as is. It will also take longer to produce.

We know that thick business cards are not to most people’s taste. To hide the natural embroidery of your business card, choose a thicker double layer card. In addition, keeping it in one layer makes the relief effect very important.

If you choose a natural look and feel, make the back of the emboss exposed and not touched, it shows the true beauty of the cardboard.

Create a lasting impression by showcasing the beauty, integrated design and craftsmanship left on the back of your engraved business card.

Duplex Business Cards

By covering the back of the business card, the recipient can experience only half of the design and printing details. By displaying both sides, the recipient can fully see and appreciate all the details and hard work that went into the card.

Allowing both sides of your embossed business card to be exposed means you will end up with two different designs applied to one card. The Debos print is a masterpiece in itself.

For those who do not like the impression of debos, we recommend ordering two-layer business cards. Next, we will place another layer on the back of the business card to hide the embossing print. If you use this option, you may receive additional contact information for further sharing. Remember that the more you add to your business card, the more expensive it will be and the longer it will take to produce. These glossy business cards, also known as UV spot business cards, feature a clear raised polymer to make your text, logos and images stand out in a 3D, glossy finish. Printed with velvet suede material that is smooth to the touch. Make a professional first impression with these premium business cards.

After payment, you will receive an order confirmation email asking for all information. Complete + images for your project! You can also give the designer notes about how you want your design, such as ideas, colors, sketches, etc. If you don’t see your order confirmation email, make sure you check the Promotions tab, All Emails, or Spam.

Spot Uv Business Cards & Postcards

We offer printing with customized designs, choose the required quantity. Standard business cards are available in 16 pt double-sided glossy/matte satin.

Within that time, you will receive the final design by email. If changes/corrections are required, communication will continue via email.

We offer nationwide shipping, phone pickup (Rowland Heights, CA) is also available for This order. Goods transit 2-3 days to get the goods.

After the payment has been made, you will receive an order confirmation via e-mail with all the information + pictures for your project! You can also give the designer notes about how you want your design, such as ideas, colors, sketches, etc. You will receive the final design by email within the selected timeframe for the selected design service. If you don’t see your order confirmation email, make sure you check the Promotions tab, All Emails, or Spam.

Spot Uv Mockup Images

We offer 3 rounds of editing, but it does not include adding additional information or images. or adjust the size of the design. Corrections may include changing or resizing text or images, color changes, and typographical errors. Additional checks will result in service charges.

The design project you will receive from us once you “Approve” it because the final design is a complete and final document.

We offer free surface shipping on print orders over $200. Large format printing services Printing and next day delivery excludes all other printing services. This is the final layer and icing on your card! Choose from our matte options for no shine, super gloss for maximum shine and semi gloss for something in between!

Your order will be printed the same day if your file is uploaded and approved by 9:30am PST

Business Card Printing

From brochures and business cards to flyers and postcards, Spot UV, also known as Spot Gloss, is a great way to enhance designs. The specially placed, clear, glossy Spot UV coating that contrasts with the base finish is a clever design element that looks cool. To ensure the best quality print products, we use HD output, 20 pt and 26 pt thick paper and a smooth matte coating to produce our Spot Gloss products.

Use promo code: spot30 at checkout for 30% off! Our Spot UV sale ends on April 30, 2022. The sale only applies to our standard output (CMIK + Spot UV). Advanced options and accessories such as bowing or foiling are excluded from the current sale.

Our standard processing time is 4 business days. However, we can produce Spot UV with additional express service. Contact our support team for a quote.

Spot UV is an additional clear coat of gloss that is applied to specific areas of your print (as defined in your print file format).

Unique Finishes For Your Business Card Printing Order

It is a special finish that adds a special touch and an eye-catching yet elegant dimension. Nice to print. It can be used in a small area or cover a large area of ​​artwork. Designers generally use Spot UV in logos or as clear overlays.

You should list the point UV files separately. This means that the Spot UV layer is delivered in a separate file (or separate page) of the print-ready PDF file.

Spot UV cards are one of our most popular products – across all industries and professions. An affordable premium piece, a popular choice with:

Many choose to use the Spot UV layer on text and logos on business cards – but we recommend that design and creativity go further than this. Check out the gallery on our Spot UV page for creative inspiration. Here are some additional tips:

Business Card Printing In Thrissur

Spot UV files can be set up by following our article on common separation files: Click Read Separation File Setup (Spot UV, Embossing, Foiling, etc.).

Small areas and details (line weight less than 0.25 pt) can be filled in/disappeared when using Spot UV – especially when inverted.

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