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Full Time Summer Jobs Near Me

Full Time Summer Jobs Near Me – Today, there are more exciting, more challenging, and more diverse jobs than ever before for people who join the National Forest Service.

We offer a variety of employment opportunities (both paid and unpaid) from student programs to volunteer programs and permanent employment for men and women with skills in over a hundred fields.

Full Time Summer Jobs Near Me

For nearly a century, since 1905, USDA Forest Service employees have been on the front lines of conservation, wise resource use, and wilderness management. Today, there are more exciting, more challenging, and more diverse jobs than ever before for people who join the National Forest Service. Managing 51,000 square miles of our best land is a huge responsibility. Our goal is to manage it in the most efficient way for the land, water, air, wildlife and people of America.

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We are a national organization of over 30,000 people working in hundreds of specialty occupations, including foresters, biologists, engineers, teachers, firefighters, accountants finance, computer specialists, police officers, public affairs specialists, recreation specialists, geospatial specialists and others. Most of the forest service workers are focused on managing and improving our country’s forests and pastures. Some employers focus on forest and range research, others focus on human resource development in Job centers, and others focus on state and private forestry partnerships. This may sound simple, but it is not. Men and women are needed in hundreds of fields working as a collaborative team at the national level.

All Forest Service job postings are posted to the live database before they are available on USAJOBS. Here you can find temporary and permanent job opportunities. You can download job descriptions, contact the appropriate supervisor to express your interest in the position, or ask questions.

Are you looking for a job this summer? Do you like being outside or working with people? Eldorado National Forest is hiring temporary workers for this season.

Non-fire activities are logging, recreation, wilderness, wildlife, fishing, archeology, hospitality services, and more. The expected start date for these positions is late April or early May 2022. The length of the job will vary depending on the position and state housing. o Barrack space may be available in other locations. Visit the “Seasonal Forestry Jobs” page on our website for details.

Best Summer Jobs For College Students 2021

Eldorado Forestry is filling several temporary positions for the 2022 fire season. Positions are available at the GS-3, GS-4, and GS-5 levels. These temporary positions have an average working days of six (6) months. The expected start date for these positions is mid-May 2021, but may be earlier. We encourage you to apply for any of the jobs listed below that you are eligible for. Please visit the “Vacancies” page on our website to view job descriptions.

The Forest Service also has part-time and part-time job opportunities for high school and college students, including internships and fellowship opportunities.

You can update your application or documents at any time while the ad is open. Simply log into your USAJOBS account and click on “Application Status.” Click on the project title, then select “Update Application” to continue. Changes, changes or additions made after the closing date will not appear on the paper application.

During the recruitment period, we usually offer several opportunities to help candidates through the application process. We recommend candidates to attend both sessions for best results.

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Green Generation: Green Generation is a conservation education program in Eldorado Forest. This program includes summer work and year-round student involvement in their high school clubs. During the summer, this program connects local high school students with the forest through meaningful work.

Pathway Programs » The internship program will replace the SCEP and the Student Temporary Employment Program (STEP).

Central California Consortium » The Central California Consortium (CCC) is an environmental science-based program sponsored by the USDA Forest Service. The purpose of the program is to educate rural communities about natural resources.

California Regional Career Programs (ROP) » The mission is to promote and support ROCP in providing quality vocational education, career development and career programs that contribute to the educational and career success of student and economic development of California. Be sure to check with your district school board for information specific to your area.

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National Fire Apprenticeship Program » Accredited educational program designed to develop and develop future aviation managers and firefighters. This program operates under an agreement with the Department of Labor, the USDA Forest Service, the USDI Bureau of Land Management, and the National Fire Service, and is organized by the Pacific Southwest Region.

Summary: Eldorado Forest is known as a desirable place to work. The elevation of the mountains ranges from 2,000 feet in the foothills to over 10,000 along the Sierra foothills. A Mediterranean climate permeates the forest, with hot, dry summers and cold, wet monsoons. Average rainfall ranges from 40 to 70 inches and occurs mostly from October to April. There is significant snowfall above 3,000 feet.

Eldorado National Forest is headquartered in Placerville, California. There are county management offices in Kamin, Georgetown, Pioneer and Pollock Pines. Most of the forests (72.8%) are located in El Dorado County. In descending order of area, the remaining counties are: Amador, Alpine and Placer in California; and Douglas County, Nevada with 78 acres. The forest is bordered on the north by the Tahoe National Forest, on the east by the Lake Tahoe Watershed, on the southeast by the Humboldt-Toiiabe National Forest, and on the south by the Stanislaus National Forest. The desert lies within the boundaries of the forest, as does much of the Mokelumne Wilderness (which is adjacent to Stanislaus National Forest and Toiabe National Forest).

Recreational Activities: El Bosque and the surrounding communities offer a variety of recreational activities. There are lakes, reservoirs, cross-country trails, unique wilderness areas (Desolation and Mokelumne), over 40 developed parks, several parks, golf courses, and outstanding local restaurants and farms. . There are many opportunities for water skiing, white water sports (class II to class V), mountain biking, OHV tours, mountain climbing, fishing, hunting and hiking. The community theater offers a variety of theater and musical entertainment. Although El Dorado County has the largest area of ​​forest, Alpine, Amador and Placer counties are within the forest’s boundaries. Surrounding the park are the communities of Jackson, South Lake Tahoe, and Sacramento, which offer additional recreational and cultural activities, including professional and professional events.

Summer Jobs! Hiring Immediately!

Housing: Houses and apartments for rent usually range from $850 to $1,400 per month, $300 to $800 per month for room rent. Government accommodation is accessible from many stations. Purchase prices for 2-3 bedroom homes range from $120,000 to $450,000 or more. Plots and/or plots are also available.

Schools: There are many elementary and high schools in El Dorado and Amador County. Community colleges in the area include Folsom Lake College (El Dorado Center in Placerville), Sierra College in Rocklin, American River College and Sacramento City College in Sacramento, and Lake Tahoe Community College in South Lake Tahoe. Four-year colleges and universities include California State University-Sacramento and the University of California, Davis.

Medical: Marshall Hospital, located in Placerville and Sutter Amador in Jackson, are the closest medical centers. There are many medical and dental offices in Placerville. There are several major hospitals in the Sacramento area, including Kaiser Hospitals in Sacramento and Roseville. Home / Blog / Colleges / High School: Find a Part-Time Job or Volunteer for Success

For undergraduates, getting a part-time job or volunteering with an organization is a great idea. Part-time jobs allow you to earn pocket money and gain experience in your field of interest. Although you won’t get paid for volunteering, the experience you gain will be good for your future resume and college application. Doing any of these isn’t difficult, as you don’t usually need to be fully developed yet. For many jobs or volunteering, all you need to do is get your first resume and show that you’re willing to work hard to succeed.

Environmental Jobs, Green Jobs, Conservation Jobs

If you don’t have any experience and would like to have the opportunity to work in a hospital, nursery, school, community center or at home, volunteering is a great way to get the skills you need to get a job after you graduate. your studies. High school graduation Jobs that require a certain amount of education, such as a college degree or certification, are suitable for volunteer work because even if you are not paid, you will come across as someone who is eager to succeed.

Part-time work is also a good way to gain experience, and you will get paid for doing the work. However, most paying jobs require work experience and/or some level of education, so don’t expect to make six figures right away. However, do not be discouraged, this does not mean that you cannot find a job in your field of interest. Many animal shelters, sales, groceries, restaurants and department stores are looking for high school students who

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