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Mba In Finance And Business Analytics

Mba In Finance And Business Analytics – According to Allied Market Research, the Global Big Data and Business Analytics market will grow at a CAGR of 10.9% to reach $420 billion by 2017.

The MBA in Business Analytics is a four semester-based educational program designed for working professionals who want to rapidly develop a career in the core areas of business analytics and big data, and who want to succeed in business analytics. highly competitive business environment higher level. Master’s degree from the main institution

Mba In Finance And Business Analytics

MBA in Business Analytics BITS Pilani Work Integrated Learning Program (WILP) The BITS Pilani Professional Integrated Program is approved by UGC.

Business Analytics Online Course

BITS Pilani, UGC (Institute of Eminence Deemed Universities) Regulation, 2017 BITS Pilani’s Work Integrated Learning Program (WILP) is a unique educational offering for working professionals. It complements the programs offered at BITS Pilani University and is comparable to our regular programs in terms of unit/credit requirements and academic rigor. This program can lead to a degree. Diplomas and Certificates in Science Technology/Engineering, Management, Humanities and Social Sciences On the advice of a strong expert committee, UGC, at its 548th meeting held on 09.09.20, approved the continuation of the integrated vocational education program at BITS Pilani.

There are elective courses for students who register at the beginning of every semester. A limited selection of candidates will be at the institution’s discretion.

Courses are delivered through online classes. These lectures can be accessed online using any computer anywhere. These online classes provide a collaborative environment similar to the traditional classrooms at the BITS Pilani campus.

Classes will begin in January 2023 for students entering between October 2022 and January 2023. Courses will be published within 1 week of acceptance.

Mba In Location Analytics

Online interviews are usually held on weekends for a total of 7-8 hours per week. If you miss a lesson You can access recorded lessons online.

Students have access to engaging learning materials at their own pace. Lectures written by BITS Pilani faculty members, lectures and laboratory papers if required.

The program emphasizes experiential learning, which allows students to apply concepts learned in the classroom to simulated and real work situations.

The fourth semester allows students to apply the knowledge gained during the program to real world environments such as complex projects. Students are expected to understand the basic concepts learned throughout the semester and the ability to apply these concepts effectively.

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Students enrolled in the WILP management program have remote access to finance, analytics and general management laboratories. These laboratories play an important role in increasing student engagement and “Learning by Action” is the core of BITS Pilani’s WILPD program.

Analytical laboratories run software packages including Tableau, SPSS, Stata, @risk, StatTools, Eviews, Anaconda Navigator, R, Python, and PowerBI. These packages allow students to take basic and advanced analytics courses relevant to their location. Works on or is included in the analytics courses offered in our management program. This lab teaches students about financial operations, marketing, supply chain management. Human Resource Management and more. Enable comprehensive predictive and descriptive analyses on The laboratory has a sufficient set of equipment for students to work with different types of data – numeric or text. structured or unstructured

Finance Lab provides a Bloomberg terminal with real-time information about financial markets. as well as financial reports and business information critical to the industry. There are also databases such as Courage for students. So they can download information about different companies, industries and economies. And can do business projects from financial reporting. management accounting business finance investment portfolio equity research behavioral finance and fintech, among others. The lab also offers working capital management simulations that allow students to gain more hands-on experience with working capital management and hands-on learning.

The Management Lab provides software, simulations, and digital tools that students can use in their core areas of management. Simulations help develop decision-making skills. business acumen and integrate lessons from different disciplines With Microsoft Project software, students can plan, organize, track, and work together to complete projects. And with the HSTolks Business & Management collection, students have access to a digital collection of expert-led multimedia lectures, case studies and interviews. and peer-reviewed journals in a wide range of disciplines including global business management, finance, accounting, economics, marketing and sales, strategy, technology, and more.

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In the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th semesters, there are midterm and final exams for each subject. These tests are usually scheduled on weekends. during these semesters In addition to the midterm exam and the final exam There will be online quizzes/assignments as part of the course curriculum that the student must attend. In the fourth semester (final semester), students will carry out the project according to the institution’s guidelines in addition to the coursework.

The center offers a choice between testing online or visiting a designated testing center. The student will choose one of the options depending on his/her preferences and situation. Both options are described below:

Note: Online exam submissions for semester 1 and semester 2 will be available during the regular program duration. The assessment options available are the same as when a student resumes the program. In addition, if a student has subjects that must be completed and must be enrolled in an additional semester beyond the normal program duration, the assessment options available are the same as when a student resumes the program. The options associated with the existing grading system will remain the same. while students enroll in additional semesters

At the discretion of the institution One or two test schedule options will be available for semester 1 and semester 2 as described above. The organization’s decisions on the assessment method will take into account the assessment of the epidemiological situation and other constraints. related to each method The institution’s decision on the schedule of examinations to be awarded to applicants will be at the institution’s discretion. and students are required to comply with the institution’s decision.

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During the fourth semester, students will be asked to register for a project course. Each assignment required for a project according to institutional guidelines can be done online on an online platform approved and managed by BITS Pilani. If your course curriculum includes courses other than the project One or two test method choices as described above for semester 1 and semester 2 will be available at the institution’s discretion. The organization’s decisions on the assessment method will take into account the assessment of the epidemiological situation and other constraints. related to each method

A one-time application fee must be paid while submitting an application through the online application form.

The entrance fee (one time) and semester fee should be paid. (for the first semester) after admission. Therefore, accepted applicants will have to pay Rs. 77,000/-. You can choose to pay via Netbanking / Debit Card / Credit Card through the online application. You can Apply Easy EMI with 0% Interest Click Here to Learn More

Semester fees for subsequent semesters will be paid later, such as at the beginning of the relevant semester

Master Of Business Analytics — Hse University

Applicants wishing to withdraw from the program after confirming their acceptance and registering for the course indicated in the acceptance letter will incur all fees.

For exam centers in Dubai In addition to the semester fee There will be a test center fee of AED 1,000 per semester or equivalent per semester. Half of the AED 500 fee is to be paid at the time of the midterm exam. Dubai Center for that semester and the remaining 500 UAE Dirhams will be paid when attending a comprehensive examination at the Dubai Center for that semester.

Prof. Sandeep Kayastha is Associate Professor on Campus Programs. He holds an MTech from IIT Kharagpur. Prof. Sandeep teaches MBA level courses in Operations Management and related fields. and implementing management development programs for senior executives in the manufacturing sector. Prior to joining BITS, he worked as a lecturer at some of the country’s leading educational and research institutions.

Sandeep Kayastha is an active researcher. The current research area is marketing.

Master Of Business Administration, M.b.a.

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