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Jobs Making $20 An Hour Near Me

Jobs Making An Hour Near Me – Best High Paying Freelance Jobs in Singapore Tired of being tied to your desk in a 9 to 5 job? Here are some of the highest paying freelance jobs in Singapore that will give you the flexibility you’ve always dreamed of!

Many of us dream of working for ourselves – and it’s no surprise that we do – with many benefits, such as greater flexibility, autonomy, and the ability to make our own decisions. With increased travel, food delivery, and the rise of work-oriented digital platforms, the gig economy is growing faster than ever. In Singapore alone, the number of freelancers increased by around 10%, from 200,000 in 2016 to 211,000 in 2019. The onset of the COVID-19 pandemic has also made the concept of freelancing more attractive, as many of the those who lost their full-time jobs moving into freelance or part-time jobs due to their more flexible nature and lower barriers to entry.

Jobs Making $20 An Hour Near Me

However, self-employment comes with its own set of challenges and dangers. In this article, we will cover everything you can expect if you want to become a freelancer, as well as some of the highest paying freelance jobs in Singapore that require a variety of skills and experience.

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With the COVID-19 pandemic boosting home deliveries, it’s no surprise that around 60% of Singaporeans have joined the gig economy as food deliveries during the pandemic. Although the recent relaxation of COVID-19 rules has cut the revenue of some food delivery companies, food delivery companies such as Deliveroo and Foodpanda are optimistic that demand for food delivery could continue.

There were also rumors of a certain food delivery man who made $8,511 in just one month. Although this is a rare and isolated case, for a job that does not require much experience, it is often one of the highest paid.

Most of you may know that being a food delivery man basically means delivering food from one place to another, but what qualities would it be good to have as a delivery person?

If you have some or all of these characteristics, a food delivery worker may be right for you:

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The best thing about being a food delivery man is that you don’t need any previous experience or skills, so the barriers to entry are very low. If you cannot ride a bike, drive a car or motorbike, you can also deliver the goods on foot.

According to Glassdoor, the average salary of a food delivery worker is around SGD 15 per hour, but as we know, food delivery workers are paid per delivery. Back in 2020, Foodpanda reported that their food delivery workers earned an average of SGD 7.50 per delivery, and Deliveroo said their food delivery workers earned an average of SGD 17 per hour. As with any freelance job, income will vary depending on the amount of time and effort you put in, as well as the current supply and demand for the service.

You can expect an average of $5 to $7.50 per delivery from the top three food delivery companies in Singapore – GrabFood, Foodpanda and Deliveroo. A rough hourly rate would be $15-17 per hour, but it mostly depends on how many deliveries you make per hour.

Did you know that you don’t need any formal experience to become a babysitter in Singapore? The idea of ​​being a professional caregiver is slowly gaining popularity in Singapore, especially due to our aging population, leading to a rapidly increasing demand for caregivers.

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If you’re looking for a meaningful career in healthcare but lack the experience and skills needed for other healthcare roles, a nursing job can be a great addition to your resume and set you up for success. The stage may end up being where you want it to be after all.

As a freelance carer, you can rely on help with the daily lives of the people you care for. This will include but not be limited to some of the following services:

There are not many obstacles to becoming a carer, and the biggest attraction of this role is that you have a meaningful impact on the lives of our older people by developing valuable skills that will go a long way, especially As If You Are. Looking to enter the healthcare industry or change jobs mid-career.

According to, a caregiver earns an average of S$3,000 per month, or S$18.46 per hour. Experienced workers earn up to SGD 4,000 per month or SGD 23 per hour. For freelance carers, you can expect to earn up to S$19 per hour.

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In addition to your basic salary, there are also various cash incentives if you take cases during holidays or peak hours. Incentives will also be provided for cases that require longer travel times or are more complex. These promotions can go up to $20 per visit and can easily increase your hourly rate significantly.

Freelance carers also have flexible working hours and flexible working hours – this means the level of commitment is low and you don’t have to keep minimum working hours to continue working as a carer.

If you’ve just graduated and are about to join national service or university, this could be a great way for you to spend your time doing something meaningful while earning some pocket money.

This job is also great for students or those looking for a part-time job. During busy weeks, you can take a break from your caring duties and focus on your studies or full-time work, and choose more assignments during the weeks when you have more freedom.

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Being a freelance tutor can be a great option for a freelancer, especially in Singapore’s booming education industry where every parent seems to be constantly searching for the best tutor for their children.

As a tutor, your main job responsibilities will include engaging your students and their interest in the subjects you teach. In addition, you will have to create lesson plans in accordance with the latest educational program and monitor your students’ progress based on their results.

Don’t forget that you have to build a good relationship not only with your students, but also with your students’ parents, keeping them informed about their child’s progress and areas where their child needs improvement.

Your rate of pay will largely depend on the level of training you teach and, of course, how much you want to charge. According to Glassdoor, the average wage is SGD 28 per hour and the maximum is SGD 50 per hour. You can also increase your prices as you build your reputation as a good tutor and get more word of mouth referrals from students.

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In this digital age, almost every company needs a website to gain credibility as an agency, which is why website developers are in high demand.

Web developers can be paid anywhere from $500 to $5,000 per project depending on what needs to be done, as well as the skill, experience and skills of the developer. This can be a lucrative and interesting freelance job, especially when you get to choose the types of clients and industries you want to work with. Apart from your web development skills, you can also charge higher rates if you have other relevant technical skills like user interface and UX design.

Although website developer salary levels can be high, the skills required for the job are also highly specialized. If you’re learning how to build your own website and want to make sure it’s a good long-term career for you, starting out as a freelancer is a great way to hone your skills in the long run. a decision

As a freelance videographer in Singapore, projects can range from filming weddings and parties to filming corporate videos such as commercials, events or real estate. In addition to video filming, you can also offer a complete video production package, including pre-production (storyboard, script, visualization), production (shooting) and post-production (editing, voice acting, video rendering, etc.), if you have there is. capacity and throughput for that. As with most freelance jobs, the amount of work will also largely depend on your client’s needs.

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As for how much you want to charge, you can usually choose an hourly rate, a plan-based rate, or a day/half-day rate. Remember that you will also need to include the cost of renting camera equipment, setting up lights, and all the equipment needed to shoot.

Depending on skill level, freelance videographers in Singapore can charge anywhere from SGD 200 to SGD 1,000 per day.

It is quite common for pet owners in Singapore to require pet sitting services.

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