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Class B Jobs Hiring Near Me

Class B Jobs Hiring Near Me – Big reading: Happy days again for the Class of 2022 recruits, but they may not last long

SINGAPORE – A few months before his graduation in 2022, postgraduate Ho Jia Hao started looking for a job between August and December last year after he was shocked by the skills of his seniors and worried about their career prospects at the time. Corona virus. The 2019 crisis shows no signs of abating.

Class B Jobs Hiring Near Me

New graduate success stories have become common this year in a strong job market – a positive change from the situation that graduate groups faced in 2020 and 2021 when the virus broke out.

Infographic: A Snapshot Of The Global Economy In October 2022

SINGAPORE – A few months before graduating from university in 2022, Mr Ho Jia Hau started looking for a job between August and December last year after being intimidated by the skills of his elders and worried about their job prospects during the pandemic. crown Crisis 19 shows no signs of abating.

Ho, who studied mechanical engineering at the National University of Singapore (NUS), was also personally affected when his 2020 contract with an oil and gas company was canceled due to the outbreak.

Of the 10 jobs he applied for last year, he was able to get only one interview and ended up without an offer when 2021 ended.

“I was really scared because knowing that you have studied for four years and you don’t have a job, it must be very stressful,” said the 24-year-old.

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But Mr Hu’s worries were unfounded as 2022 began with the promise of a better tomorrow: the economy has left its worst post-independence recession, business sentiment has improved and the labor market is finally looking up.

Between February and April he applied for about twenty jobs in fields such as oil and gas, water and pharmaceuticals, and five companies called him for interviews.

“Things are better than I thought, I felt insulted (I applied for a job in 2021)… my confidence was a little shaken. Hu Jia Hao, 24, who has been employed three times at the beginning of last year. He completed his bachelor’s degree in May.”

He had three jobs, and finally got a job in the water industry as a mechanical engineer.

Careers And Career Information

“Things went better than I expected. I was a little nervous about (applying for a job in 2021)…it kind of shook my confidence,” said Mr. Hu, who graduated in May and started work on June 1.

Like Mr Ho, Mr Alvin Lim was worried about his career, ahead of his graduation this year from the Singapore Management University’s School of Computer and Information Systems.

The 27-year-old has also seen many of his seniors who graduated with similar degrees in the past two years struggle to find work in an economy hit by Covid-19. Lim recalled that it was not unusual for some of his superiors to apply for 100 to 120 jobs, just to get an offer.

And like Mr Ho, he received three job offers between March and April after applying for about 60 jobs.

Even In A Hot Labor Market, Workers Are Worried About Job Security

“It was better than expected, I think the ratio is 100 (applications) to one (job offer),” said Lim, who started looking for the job in December last year.

All three offers he received were for technical positions: one from a consulting firm and two from the finance department. He held the position of a junior software developer offered by a fintech company.

Successful job hunting stories of new graduates like Mr Ho and Mr Lim have become commonplace this year in the booming job market – a major change that the graduating classes of 2020 and 2021 faced when the virus hit. everything. Distance

In fact, some sectors of the labor market are facing labor shortages, prompting the Minister of Manpower Tan See Lang to assure companies that there will be easier labor problems for foreign workers than they will have to join. Singapore when the borders are open.

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Employers have told TODAY that there has indeed been an increase in demand for talent across the board as they try to boost jobs following the outbreak. Demand is particularly high for those with more technical skills, such as technology and engineering graduates.

However, HR experts and economists have warned that this may be short-lived and that these few months of post-Covid-19 recovery represent a “window of opportunity” for new graduates looking for work.

“(The economy) will improve eventually. So even though it’s a job market right now, I wouldn’t advise anyone to be picky. If there’s a good offer, I’d encourage them to take it.” Irwin Sa, Chief Economist at DBS.

This is because Singapore’s borders have recently been reopened and the gap between demand and supply in some sectors can be bridged by imported talent. According to them, it is only a matter of time before the job seekers face increased competition for salaried jobs.

What’s Worse Than The Job Is The Humiliation We Face’

“(The economy) will eventually improve,” said DBS chief economist Irwin Seah. “So even though it’s a job market right now, I wouldn’t advise anyone to be motivated. If there’s a really good offer, I’ll encourage them to take it.”

The Ministry of Manpower (MOM) said job vacancies increased last year, with the number of vacancies remaining unfilled for six months or more increasing from 27% in 2020 to 35% in 2020. year 2020. 2021: All duration.

In September of last year, the ratio between job vacancies and the unemployed also began to increase, where in September last year there were 209 job vacancies for every 100 unemployed, compared to 163 in June last year.

Statistics on the MOM website show that the number of job vacancies increased last year, with the number of job vacancies for the unemployed increasing from 0.98 in March last year to 2.11 in December. Statistics for this year are not available on the website.

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Employment is also uneven across sectors, with information technology (IT) and tourism-related jobs being the largest.

The number of job vacancies in the technology and tourism sectors is not surprising, given that the pandemic has boosted the technology-related sectors, while the tourism industry that has been struggling has finally started to recover. breath.

Suntech City Air Races on May 27, 2022. Also, job openings are uneven across sectors, with IT and tourism being the largest.

For example, telecommunications company M1 is hiring across the board, with nearly 100 vacancies in a variety of roles including software developers, human resources and communications.

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M1’s deputy director of human resources, Gerald Lau, noted the lack of technical talent in the labor market.

“I will not say that we are looking for more (technological features), but the supply is the smallest and our demand from the market is the largest,” he said.

Overall, DBS’s Mr Seah said sectors such as aviation and tourism, which have “shrunk in the last two years due to the virus, will pick up significantly”.

MOM also said earlier this week that business here has made significant gains, with seven out of 10 workers getting a raise in 2021, compared to less than six out of 10 in 2020. Some of these companies will they will implement the salary reduction in 2020.

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And as Mr. Sa said, this is especially the case for companies affected by the disease, such as airlines.

In August 2020, American aircraft manufacturer Pratt & Whitney laid off more than 400 workers in Singapore, about 20% of its workforce here at the time, as part of an exercise.

Responding to questions from today, the company said that since last year it has hired about 250 workers in Singapore, which includes the workers who were fired last year, and they will seek to hire them in this year, about 20% of these workers. for installation steps.

“We’ve seen a much faster recovery than we initially expected … We’ve seen a little bit more hiring demand than we expected, which has been good for us. Tim Cormier, vice president of marketing for Pratt & Whitney is replacing. Asia Pacific. The company added more employees after cutting 400 jobs in August 2020”.

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The positions include “many types of technical jobs” such as auditors, engineers, engineers, engineers and data analysts, Mr. Tim Cormier, Pratt & Whitney’s vice president of aftermarket operations for Asia Pacific.

He said: “This is the number of workers we are looking to bring in and integrate into our business as they recover from the disaster.”

He added: “We have seen a faster recovery than we initially expected… We have seen the need to hire workers earlier than we expected, which has been very good for us.”

Similarly, low-cost airline Scoot has also grown

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