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Air New Zealand Boeing 777 300 Business Class

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[ tpg_rating tpg-rating-score = “72” ground-experience = “16” cabin-seat = “18” amen-ife = “8” food-bev = “16” service = “14” pros = “Three experience grande An amazing lounge experience at LHR, friendly service and a uniquely Kiwi theme.” cons=”No Wi-Fi, poor onboarding experience and poor seating arrangements.” /]

Air New Zealand Boeing 777 300 Business Class

For the average traveler thinking of a non-stop route between the UK and the US, Air New Zealand is not the first airline that comes to mind. But New Zealand’s national airline operates a fifth freedom route from London Heathrow to Auckland, New Zealand, via Los Angeles (LAX).

Review: Air New Zealand Business Class Auckland To Los Angeles

On my previous trip flying with Air New Zealand, I had a good experience with their hybrid economy product, Skycouch. So I’m interested to see how the business class experience compares to that. And isn’t New Zealand’s fifth avenue to freedom different?

Unfortunately, the airline announced in October that, in October 2020, it plans to cancel the London-Los Angeles fifth freedom in favor of non-stop flights between Auckland (AKL) and Newark (EWR). Although we are sad to see this wonderful fifth road to freedom, there is still plenty of time to secure one of the more special flights.

When it comes to the world’s fifth weirdest flight, Air New Zealand’s non-stop flight from London (LHR) to Los Angeles (LAX) has to top the list. And, for those who don’t know, the sight of an Air New Zealand plane on the ground at Heathrow is sure to get you excited.

The airline operates Air New Zealand Flight 1 on a Boeing 777-300ER, which originates from London, flies to LA and then to Auckland (AKL) – the same flight number. The plane stopped in LA for two hours to refuel, as well as disembark and pick up new passengers.

Air Nz Poised To Swap Custom Premium Economy Spaceseat?

A return flight in business class – or Business Premier, as the airline calls it – usually runs around $5,400 for a full NZ1 log. However, for the LHR-LAX leg I chose to fly only, the fare was about $3,500. I need this flight for another flight destination, so only one ticket. I need it, and that’s where my miles come in handy.

As Air New Zealand is a member of the Star Alliance there are great opportunities to redeem points and miles for Premier Business experiences. Although United is a Chase Ultimate Rewards transfer partner and the obvious choice for American flights, the airline charges 70,000 miles for a one-way ticket from LHR to LAX when checking it out me.

Meanwhile, Avianca’s LifeMiles program offers a better option. The program, known for its sweet rewards, requires 63,000 LifeMiles plus $327 in taxes and fees for a one-way ticket. Based on TPG’s most recent valuation, 63,000 miles are worth $1,071, making this redemption a great value for money.

Avianca LifeMiles is the partner of Citi ThankYou and American Express Membership Rewards, as well as Marriott Bonvoy. The program also runs mileage purchase promotions where you can collect miles for a small fee.

Revealed: Air New Zealand’s New Business Class Seat

[flight_stats ticket-class = “first” review-stat-section = “Trading” tpg-rating = “16” tpg-rating-max = “20” tail = “ZK-OKR” age = “5.5” departure =” 16″ exit-2=”24″ length=”10″ length-2=”45″ live-tv=”0″ tailcam=”0″ headphones=”0″ comp-alcohol=”0″ extra- pillow=”0″ turndown-service=”0″ /]

NZ1 departs London at 16:15, arriving at LAX at 19:40. local time, and departs again at 21:40, arriving in Auckland at 05:30. As a member of the Star Alliance, Air New Zealand uses Terminal 2 at Heathrow.

I arrived at LHR early — perhaps too early — at 12:45pm. I was the only one who used the business class check-in number, except for a couple. There are only a few passengers on the regular route. The agent who checked my bag was unreliable, and I hurried through security.

In Terminal 2, senior passengers have the right to display the security line. Once I was one of the few people in line, so I was done in two minutes and on my way to the lounge.

Datei:air New Zealand’s New 777 300er Interior

As a business class passenger on a Star Alliance airline, I am entitled to select Lufthansa Business Lounge, United Club, Air Canada Maple Leaf Lounge, and Singapore Airlines SilverKris Lounge.

After exploring all the lounges at Heathrow, I took a tip from TPG UK Content Producer Dan Ross and headed to the Singapore Airlines SilverKris Lounge in T2. I had high hopes for the living room. Dan told me it was the best option – especially if I like beer (I do), because the beer taps are self-service. victory.

The lounges are opposite Gate B44 and are labeled Lounges B2 and B3 next to the Air Canada Maple Leaf Lounge.

But remember, if you plan to go to the Singapore Lounge (or Air Canada Lounge, for that matter),

Game Changer: Inside Air New Zealand’s New Boeing 777 300er

. That is, it really goes through various tunnels and walking platforms. I walked quickly and was about 15 minutes from security.

Like the check-in and security process, the lobby was quiet when I entered. The living room looks modern and updated, with wood paneling and a clean and fresh feel. There is also plenty of natural light in the living room.

I really enjoyed the variety of seating options in the living room. There’s the dedicated dining area, and then there’s the living room and, my favorite, the pod-shaped seating, which is the perfect private space for work. Note that most seats have a full power port nearby.

Unlike a living room with lots of seating, the area doesn’t get much natural light. That is, there are few buffet rooms. When I was there for lunch, there was a large buffet section, with hot and cold food options.

Air New Zealand B777 300 Business Class

Hot dishes are Asian and Indian dishes, from chicken noodles to eggplant masala and basmati rice.

There is also an iced tea and soft drink counter, as well as an ice cream counter. For a dreamer with a sweet tooth like me, this is great. Also, did I mention the popcorn? Popcorn with lots of flavor.

The bar also met my expectations. And while the specialty taps may be the highlight, the selection of other drinks is also top notch. The bartender is also very friendly.

But, my favorite part of the entire living room is the comment book that the bar holds. I took my time flipping through the pages and reading other arriving passengers and their generally enthusiastic messages of “Nice waiting room!” The comment book is a small touch, but one that shows that the Singapore Lounge cares and is interested in its guests and their experience.

Air New Zealand Business Class: What To Expect

I took my time walking around the lounge, which eventually became more crowded as passengers neared departure. Bathrooms are kept clean – a common theme.

I arrived at the gate to see the waiting bird, a 777-300ER, painted in Air New Zealand’s black and white livery — one of my favorites. The aircraft, registered as ZK-OKR, is a new aircraft and more than five years old. It was delivered to Air New Zealand in June 2014, where it has remained in service ever since, according to PlaneSpotters.net.

When I reached the gate, it was about 3:00 pm. and the station should have started but no one moved at all. There was no movement from the ground team. There is no movement of passengers. The flight attendant had not even boarded the plane, and no message had been given to the passengers. The station doesn’t start until 3:25pm, and there’s hardly any conversation during the late stages — not a great way to start a long trip.

It is said to be a small entry fee. The rest of my learning experience was wonderful, and the hall was a highlight.

Updated: Air New Zealand Leases Eva Air Boeing 777 300er To Cover For Dreamliner Fleet Issues

[flight_stats ticket-class=”first” review-stat-section=”Cabin and seats” tpg-rating=”18″ tpg-rating-max=”30″ configuration=”1″ configuration-2=”2″ configuration- 3=”1″ width=”22″ bed=”79.5″ lavs=”3″ live-tv=”0″ tailcam=”0″ headphone=”0″ comp-alcohol=”0″ extra pillow=”0″ deny service = “0” /]

One of my favorite parts of the cabin is very noticeable when you first walk in – the lovely purple/pink lighting that takes over the room. And the lights are just the beginning of the design on the Air New Zealand 777 that gives it a unique Kiwi feel, which I find really fascinating.

Although the cabin is arranged in a 1-2-1 layout, the herringbone layout is an older version of the reverse herringbone.

In total, there are 44 seats in the business class cabin which is divided into two smaller cabins. The front cabin has 28 seats, while the rear cabin has 16 seats. Between the two cabins are two cabins and a galley with a bar.

Business Class Cabin On Boeing 777—300er _2_

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