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Bachelor In Business Administration Finance

Bachelor In Business Administration Finance – The Bachelor of Business Administration (BSBA) is a 4-year course that provides business and management education specifically for those who want to be entrepreneurs or work in any business field such as economics, finance, human capital management, and marketing. . Before the program was established in 2009, the institution initially offered a Bachelor of Science in Business under Government Approval No. 28, with majors in accounting, economics, finance, management and marketing.

According to the provision by the Council for Higher Education (CHED) Memorandum of Order (CMO) No. 39, series 2006, the BSBA 2009 program offers major specializations in operations management, marketing management, human resource management and development, financial management, business economics, management, internal audit and legal administration.

Bachelor In Business Administration Finance

The program curriculum has undergone several revisions in 2012, 2014, and 2018 to better align with the needs of the industry, improve the specialized curriculum, strengthen the content of specialized and specialized courses and link the public sector curriculum with other courses, improving efficiency. and teaching management.

Bachelor Of Business Administration In Finance

As a result of the implementation of K-12 basic education programs in the Philippines, CHED has drafted new policies, standards and guidelines (PSG) for higher education programs including business administration under CMO Series No. 17 in 2017. Under this new order, the current BSBA program prepares graduates for managerial and administrative responsibilities in a variety of corporate settings, from small businesses to local and multinational units, regardless of organizational structure.

BSBA currently offers five (5) specialty programs, namely Economic Law, Business Administration, Financial Management, Leadership and Human Capital Management, and Marketing Management. Students must complete a total of 168 credits, including 600 hours of training.

Since 2015, the BSBA program has received Level IV accreditation status from the Philippine College and University Accreditation Council (PACUCOA) and has been recognized by CHED as a development center. This program has a total of 67 graduates and 2,307 students registered as of December 2.

BSBA graduates fall into Level VI (Bachelor’s) of the Philippine Qualifications Framework (PQF), qualification code number 60413 and ASEAN Qualification Reference Framework (AQRF).

What Can You Do With A Business Administration Degree?

The program welcomes all students who are interested in passing the high school entrance exam.

To realize our vision of becoming Asia’s preferred business school, we will develop business professionals who can make critical and strategic decisions while using effective communication skills, data analysis, digital literacy, interpersonal skills, and leadership skills.

BS Business Administration students are expected to achieve the following learning outcomes upon completion of the program (click on each hair for more information):

Demonstrate basic knowledge of accounting, business analysis, business law, economics, finance, management science, management and organizational behavior, and marketing in the application of concepts, theories, business models, and work ethics.

Bachelor Of Science In Business Finance Online

Evaluate business problems from the perspective of multiple business disciplines and propose appropriate and rational solutions using appropriate technical, data and analytical tools.

Identifying business information needs, analyzing information sources, and evaluating available information for business situations with evidence and ethical practices are needed to recommend appropriate courses of action.

Communicate effectively in a business context in a variety of ways, including writing, speaking, listening, and reading, and excel in making recommendations to decision makers based on appropriate assessments and persuasive oral presentations.

Work effectively using appropriate interpersonal and group theory to better inform, persuade, and influence others through understanding and recognizing diversity, unique cultures, and interpersonal and group interactions.

Seven Business Concentrations Become Majors

Demonstrate global awareness and commitment to citizen participation by using business knowledge to create and support community living standards and higher quality of life, while recognizing the environmental, technological, social and economic sustainability framework.

The first two years of the BSBA program all consist of the same courses that focus on the theoretical and conceptual foundations of the main functional areas of business administration. Teaching and learning activities include interactive discussions, individual and group presentations and case studies, industry partner lecture series, and research on the latest developments in management theory and practice.

Even if you are not an industry expert or entrepreneur, each course is taught by faculty with industry experience. In the 3rd and 4th academic year, students must choose a career direction and 8 courses and 4 courses. Students can choose to study for free without limiting the career direction. Students will have greater flexibility in choosing courses that match their professional interests and career plans, and align with current industry opportunities. There are fifty-eight electives, which will be addressed by industry experts and professionals.

These electives are designed to increase student engagement, increase access to industry experts, mentors, and gain industry accreditation through certifications, seminars, workshops, and training. These opportunities allow students to improve their skills and abilities in their chosen field. BSBA has improved its alignment with programs offered by partner universities abroad. The final semester will involve a 600-hour placement, working with renowned industry partners consisting of leading companies in a variety of industries.

Is A Business Degree Worth It: Separating Fact From Fiction

In addition to academics, students are encouraged to develop strategies for self-care and social responsibility through the Health and Recreation Program (WRP) and the National Service Training Program (NSTP). The NSTP course exposes students to community work and outreach, while the WRP offers a variety of short courses designed to develop their knowledge of physical and mental health.

The BSBA program prides itself on its diverse teaching strategies. We carefully evaluate the needs of our students and recognize the needs of the industry in designing effective learning activities.

True to the university’s educational philosophy and learning style, the BSBA program uses dynamic and collaborative teaching methods aimed at empowering students, such as project-based activities, oral presentations, business simulations, and industry activities.

Active learning best solves problems rooted in passive learning environments, one of which is the lack of teacher-student interaction. Some of the teaching methods used include simulation exercises, role-plays, group exercises, use of video demonstrations, role-playing and watching related films, critiques and discussions.

Finance Degree (bsba)

For example, business students take a business planning course where they work in groups to think of new products and launch businesses. The first part involves brainstorming and market research to create or innovate new products, while the second part involves developing a business plan that covers administrative, technical, marketing, and financial aspects.

Internships are also part of experiential learning, as students complete 600 hours of training in an organization or company of their choice.

The university’s industry partners also offer optional certificate programs and other training opportunities for business students at a reduced fee. Students who complete these courses and pass the appropriate evaluation are eligible for membership in good industry organizations and have access to Associate Human Resources Professional (AHRP), Certified Marketing Professional (CMP), and Certified Financial Analyst (AFA).

Discuss the principles and concepts of business management and administration through intensive discussions, interactive lectures, case studies, and research. Lectures are the delivery method of choice under this method.

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The BSBA program allows students to view various aspects of business management and industry practice through different perspectives and perspectives. One such strategy under this approach is team teaching or cooperative teaching for BA core courses, where teachers discuss the best ways to increase course content or rotate some courses.

The interdisciplinary approach combines the diverse expertise of our faculty, while providing opportunities for students to learn about certain topics from different perspectives and perspectives.

BSBA integrates and uses various learning management systems (LMS) for business simulations and other tasks. As technology changes rapidly, the program adapts to this environment and encourages ubiquitous learning through online resources, classrooms, and modules.

Through LMS such as Canvas, Connect, MindTap, and MyLab, programming instruction can be easily implemented through modules with necessary activities and tasks. These programmed instructions have an algorithmic ability to determine how much a student must read or study to answer their assessment correctly. For example, when the Connect Smartbook identifies an incorrect answer on a test, it also displays a specific page for the student to review and answer correctly.

Bachelor Of Business Administration Degree Online

The program also uses Canvas, the university’s official LMS and a globally recognized platform among the world’s leading educational institutions.

Students in the BSBA program are encouraged to conduct research papers and feasibility studies. The program also maintains up-to-date information and content through case studies and other research related to management theory and practice to be relevant and current with current industry practices.

Throughout the program, students and faculty are free to negotiate evaluations and assignments related to evaluations for each course, especially in their GE courses. Since most of the departments are field experts and industry experts, teachers are encouraged to draw on their experiences to develop a relevant final evaluation and conclusion. These assessments include:

Diagnostics allows teachers to determine each student’s knowledge and skill base prior to appropriate instruction. This helps verify how much students have learned in foundational courses that are often prerequisites for professional courses. Diagnostic evaluations are often done with traditional, pencil-and-paper tests

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