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Master Of Business Administration Finance

Master Of Business Administration Finance – The Master of Business Administration (MBA) of the University of Finance and Investment prepares you for advancement in financial institutions and asset management. Ranked among the top 10 online MBA programs in Virginia, ACBSP accredited Masters can be taken on our beautiful Virginia Beach campus or online in hybrid form. Gain valuable financial planning and analysis skills and understand the differences between local and global financial markets. With an MBA in Finance and Investment, you will understand how to access, invest and allocate capital from a Christian perspective.

Both you and your organization will enjoy increased revenue as you learn how to choose the right stocks and bonds and allocate assets more efficiently.

Master Of Business Administration Finance

Find out how to apply financial information for decision-making purposes in various business settings – while maintaining a ethical and biblical view of management practices.

Master Of Business Administration

Implement problem-solving by designing relationships and implementing data collection and analysis strategies to better serve your business and your customers.

Validate your expertise with an ACBSP MBA degree in finance and investment. Our experienced colleges will help you become a better business leader with in-depth research on investing, interest rates and financial prospects.

Princeton Review has ranked our MBA program among the nation’s 50 best online MBA programs for 2021. Experience diversity at Christ-centered universities, military and easy to transfer.

How to create and investigate problems; Data collection and analysis to support decision making. Convincing others to participate in a guided activity.

Phu Master Of Business Administration In Islamic Accountancy And Finance At Us$1,000

Principles of risk, liquidity return, horizontal planning, inflation and taxes applied to personal financial plans of personal income, savings, credit, investment and retirement plans.

Analyze the company’s financial model and operations against competitors and market trends to determine the attractiveness of investing in the company.

Manage financial assets by setting appropriate investment goals, developing optimal portfolio strategies, risk exchange, asset return, and evaluating investment performance. The specific portfolio of styles involves the selection of stocks or bonds, as well as the allocation of assets across asset classes and the selection of managers for each.

All new students are expected to register for the semester two weeks before the start date of the course. Students must apply for enrollment in their first course and confirm payment plan for their course by this date.

Business Administration Mba

Estimated cost of participation: View the estimated cost of participation to see a preview of tuition and fees.

The MBA program is accredited by the Accreditation Council for Business and Program (ACBSP). Another accredited agency for business programs is the Association for Advance Collegiate Schools of Business International (AACSB). Both accreditations represent a high quality curriculum, but there are some differences in eligibility criteria.

The MBA program uses an 8-week course schedule. For each 8-week course, students should set aside 12-15 hours per week to devote to their studies.

“I want an education that will prepare me better academically and spiritually. As a Christian, I am always looking for ways to change the world with the love of Christ, and I believe that is what is happening right now through my experience.

Tuition & Financial Aid

“Working full time has made it harder for me to get my business degree, but it was a perfect fit for me. The college has practical experience and helps me think broadly and influence decision making throughout the university. That I work for.

Daniel Richter, MA in 2016 Director of Marketing and Recruitment, Midland University Center for Undergraduate and Vocational Education

“I am proud to say that I graduated with a GPA of 3.94 while working full time. The hard work pays off!”

“To continue studying, you have to give up. But you can get through it, and most importantly, you do not have to compromise your principles. “

Professional Master Of Business Administration (international Trading) Programme

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Ms In Economics Vs Finance Vs Mba: Which Is Right For You?

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Faculty Of Management & Finance

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Master Of Business Administration (international)

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What To Expect As You Earn Your Mba

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