2012 Infiniti EX35 AWD Journey Review Behind the Wheel ZipRage-4


2012 Infiniti EX35 AWD Journey


The 2012 Infiniti EX35 AWD Journey looks like the lovechild of a sports car and a 3,980-pund SUV, with a roaring VQ-series engine channeling 297 horsepower to the pavement via a set of massive 19-inch wheels on low-profile rubber. It’s a G35 sedan on a 4-day split bodybuilding routine and a heavy helping of steroids.

The EX35 is playful and high-revving with a 7,600 RPM redline, and it does that while maintaining decent fuel economy at 17.8 MPG over my week with the car. The steering is tight and genuine not overly-assisted or synthetic feeling like many SUVs. The suspension is mechanical and responsive. In the city the EX35’s traditional hydraulic-assist steering rack allows easy curb-to-curb turning with a scant 36 foot radius.  The standard VQ35HR engine works wonderfully, the tried-and-true six-cylinder mill features Teflon-coated pistons for the ultimate is silky smooth acceleration.

Along with the responsive drivetrain comes a bevy of modern technology. The well-equipped Journey I tested came equipped with Around View Monitor (AVM) camera system, which utilizes four exterior cameras to give the driver a virtual 360-degree view of the car’s surroundings. A helpful feature for saving those pretty 19-inch rims when parallel parking.

The EX35 also came with Infiniti’s Advanced Climate Control System (ACCS), which uses a “Plasmacluster Ions” generator and a “grape polyphenol” air filter to provide clean fresh air to the cabin. It sounds like bupkis but it did prove to be beneficial in reducing allergens as well as bolstering ridiculous technology bragging rights. The system even uses a gas sensor to detect various odors (farts) and automatically alters the ventilation flow to get rid of them.

The EX35’s exterior design is getting a bit outdated, it hasn’t had a face lift since 2008. Overall though, I like it. It’s a bit less overstated in comparison to its big brother the FX50 and it doesn’t have the ridiculous fender flares on its front hood that make visibility a nightmare in the FX50. Next to the redesigned Acura RDX, Audi Q5 and BMW X1 the EX35 does show its age a bit though.

The EX35 really struggles when it comes to carrying capacity. Cargo volume is lacking. The RDX for comparison has 60.6 cubic feet of storage, the EX35 offers only 47.4.


Plenty of power and a climate control system that automatically whisks away farts with a plasma and grape filtration system!


The 2012 Infiniti EX35 AWD Journey starts at $39,300 with the Deluxe Touring and Premium package my EX35 came in at $45,095.


The Infiniti EX35 is a powerful, fun and sporty handling small SUV with reasonable gas mileage and somewhat lacking cargo space.