2011 Lotus Elise

It’s been over seven years since the beautiful Lotus Elise has seen an update, which is amazing considering they still look like the most modern cars on the road.  The face lift takes quite a few cues from the new Lotus Evora.

The new front isn’t just there for looks, as nice as they may be.  Lotus is all about efficiency and the style is no exception.  Thanks to the smooth low nose, restyled headlamps (with new daytime running lamps), a larger grill and side ducting, a new engine cover and reworked back end the 2011 Elise has dropped it drag coefficient by four percent.

The Toyota, Celica based, 1.8-liter engine remains as in previous iterations putting out 192 hp when naturally aspirated and a smooth 217 hp when equipped with a supercharger.  For the first time Lotus is also offering a 1.6-liter engine option with 134 hp (at 6,800 rpm) and 118 foot-pounds of torque (at 4,400 rpm), which puts it in at around 6 seconds 0-60.  Six-speed manual remains standard on all the models.  New options of lightweight forged wheels and cruise control also come with the update.

The 2011 Lotus Elise should arrive in dealerships in April if you’re across the pond, late this year for those of us in the U.S.