Tycho — Dive

I’ve listened to Dive so many times and it’s just as good, if not better, each time. Scott Hansen (born 1976/1977), professionally known as Tycho, is an American ambient music artist and producer, who is known as ISO50 for his photographic and design works. Tycho is currently signed to, and has released under, Ghostly International, … Continue reading Tycho — Dive

Ever Wonder How a Cuban Cigar is Rolled?

Miguel, a cigar roller at Hector Luis Prieto’s tobacco farm, shows us all the intricacies of rolling a legitimate Cuban Cigar. Miguel uses tobacco leaf, after tobacco leaf, after tobacco leaf to make just one cigar. It’s hard to even keep track of all of the different bags of leaves he is taking materials from. … Continue reading Ever Wonder How a Cuban Cigar is Rolled?

The Little Person Inside

When Talan Skeels-Piggins was told he’d never walk again after his accident, he wanted to be taken off life support. A fellow paraplegic told him he could still drive a car, have a girlfriend, and ski and suddenly, “there was hope.” Piggins bought a motorcycle and practiced riding it at a local airstrip, eventually he … Continue reading The Little Person Inside

How A Gamer Ended Up Racing At Le Mans

Jann Mardenborough won the GT Academy competition in 2011, winning out against 90,000 contestants to become became the best Gran Turismo player in the world. That accomplishment awarded him a seat for Nissan at the Dubai 24 Hour and three years later he is still racing for Nissan Motorsports. Seems like it couldn’t have happened … Continue reading How A Gamer Ended Up Racing At Le Mans