Powersliding the Ferrari LaFerrari

Will it drift? Yes, the LaFerrari will! Apparently, this guy goes by the name of Manuma over on FerrariChat and based on some sketchy google translate detective work I think his name is Emanuele Maria Tabacchi which means his father may be the super well known and super wealthy engineer Dino Tabacchi. Here’s a great … Continue reading Powersliding the Ferrari LaFerrari

Hellcat Chasing Down a CTS V Estate

Ralph Gilles driving: Experimenting with my GoPro3… attempting to capture the HellCat’s incredible baritone fury…then a CTSV on Slicks got into my crosshairs! Was a fun couple of laps chasing him down. The CTSV driver overcooked a few corners (admittedly) as he was driving in his mirrors as the Cat closed in! The highlight of … Continue reading Hellcat Chasing Down a CTS V Estate