Toyota GT 86

Can anyone say Supra?  The Toyota GT 86 ($TBA) – aside from its weird name — looks intriguing, with a 2.0L boxer engine producing 197hp, parid to either a six-speed manual or automatic transmission, with 17-inch wheels standard, and rear wheel drive.  It may be more of a sporty Corolla than a true Supra replacement, but I’ll… Read More Toyota GT 86

Top Gear | Trains

The Top Gear guys have the best job in the world, they quite literally fulfill my childhood dreams with a nearly unlimited budget.  This time they leave the pavement and hit the rails, as they take their ridiculous car-powered trains on a ride down the tracks. Part 2

Davyd, Music Video Remix of A. I. Film by Pogo

“Davyd (A. I. Mashup)” by Australian movie remix artist Nick Bertke (Pogo) is a musical remix of the film A. I. Artificial Intelligence. It’s weird and it’s strangely beautiful. My remix of voices, chords and sound effects from Spielberg’s ‘AI: Artificial Intelligence’. Enjoy! A.I. is a haunting, deeply moving science-fiction about David, a robot-boy “adopted” by a… Read More Davyd, Music Video Remix of A. I. Film by Pogo