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ZipRage LogoThe pillars of ZipRage. I get Behind the Wheel and let you know what I think, no exceptions. I also share industry news, concept vehicles, coverage from auto shows, product reviews, videos and even my favorite music for driving.

The site is all about our readers and will always be free to read and updated regularly.  Our readers seem to recognize the effort, they’re incredibly faithful and come back day after day and spread their love for the site through social networks, personal email and their own blogs and websites.

Interested in your vehicle, music, videos, reviews, etc… being covered on the site honestly?  Contact us and make it happen.

About Me

Kevin Curry | Founder, Editor in Chief

Kevin with his father at 14,000+ feet.
Kevin with his father at 14,000+ feet.

I originally created ZipRage back in 2005 as competitor to traditional men’s magazines. The site grew and gained massive popularity. Unfortunately, my mistake was not choosing a niche and an all inclusive men’s magazine became an unrealistic goal for one man. In 2013, I relaunched the site as a dedicated automotive blog.

When I’m not working on the site I’m probably working my day job as a Doctor of Pharmacy.  If I’m not working I’m in my garage lifting, on my bike – mountain or road -, climbing a mountain, playing guitar, brewing beer, testing out my photography chops or generally enjoying life.  All my free time beyond that goes to my beautiful wife.

If you have any questions or comments please feel free to Contact Me.  I of course love to hear what you like, but also like to hear what I can improve upon.

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